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4 PRECISION ENGINE JULY 2016 PRECISION ENGINE told me that he feels the coating has a vari- able effect on torque value. He also recommends when using MLS (multi-layer steel) cylinder head gaskets to apply a thin coat of Loctite 30544 spray adhesive to both sides of the gaskets. Maskin notes that this will serve to fill any tiny voids or surface imperfections to pre- vent leakage. (Of course, this depends on the Ra finish of the block and head decks.) Once the 8mm studs have been installed to the underside of the head, position the head gasket onto the block deck. Note that the gaskets are directional. (Our Fel-Pro MLS gaskets are clearly labeled "FRONT." Position each gasket so that the "FRONT" label is facing upwards and is visible, with this end facing the front of the block.) Once the head is positioned onto the deck, install all studs finger-tight with a slight nudge. This includes the primary 7/16-inch studs, the outboard 3/8-inch studs and the inboard 8mm studs. Also, install the shouldered washers and nuts to the "extra" four studs that you previously installed to the deck of the head. Install these nuts finger-tight and make LS NEXT PROJECT The Trick Flow heads were supplied fully assembled, with stainless steel valves and tita- nium spring retainers. The 8mm stud nuts are installed and tight- ened via access through the lifter windows of the block. A 12-point torque wrench extension is required for torqueing. THE DYAD DRIVE SYSTEM ® BY CENTERFORCE PRETTY IS NICE, BUT PERFORMANCE IS WHAT COUNTS. Find out more: 928.771.8422 • In the high performance street market, where enthusiasts are building vehicles making in excess of 800 ft/lbs of torque – and driving these power house machines with regular frequency on the street – Centerforce's DYAD family of twin disc clutches meets the demand for a smooth alternative to an overly-stiff clutch pedal. The DYAD multi-disc clutch design debuted at the 2011 SEMA Show where the DYAD DS introduced 1,300 ft/lbs of torque holding capacity. The DYAD XDS followed in 2014, boasting 1,600 ft/lbs of torque holding capacity. The DYAD RS followed in 2015, introducing a smaller, 8.75" diameter, low-inertia clutch that is perfect for the road racing enthusiast that needs torque capacity and drivability. No longer forced to endure the chatter, the overly-stiff pedal and the harsh engagement of typical racing clutches, these enthusiasts can't say enough good things about the DYAD family of clutches. Besides expressing surprise at how good the drivability is on a clutch that can hold up to 1,600 ft/lbs of torque, what they often say is that the DYAD is almost "too pretty" to hide inside a bell housing! Centerforce's DYAD family of clutches has a clutch to meet the torque capacity and inertia needs of nearly every enthusiast. The DYAD family of twin disc clutches are typically 100% in stock and ready to ship to dealers and distributors within a short time of the placement of the order. DRIVABILITY PEOPLE PRESENTED BY THE SHOP "The DYAD family of multi-disc clutches has been a huge success since its introduction in 2011 and we are excited to continue evolving the product line to meet the needs of even more racers and street performance enthusiasts." - Bryan Wilson, Centerforce Clutches

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