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12 PRECISION ENGINE JULY 2016 PRECISION ENGINE Hemi Pistons MAHLE Motorsports, Fletcher, North Carolina, introduces its 5.7-, 6.1- and 6.4-liter Hemi PowerPak pistons, featuring the same performance, strength and durability that goes into the pistons it produces for Chrysler's Hellcat. The Hemi PowerPaks are manufactured on MAHLE's own piston-specific machinery using ultra-strong, lightweight, low-drag forgings. Thicker top ring lands and dual coatings deliver superior durability and performance. The assemblies come complete with pistons, pins, round wire locks and performance rings. Starter Bolts ARP, Ventura, California, presents eight new Starter Bolt applications, providing precise mounting for OEM and aftermarket starters. Features include: smaller diameter, reduced wrenching heads for improved accessibility, precision knurling and J-form rolled threads for optimum engagement. They are manufactured from custom 450TM stainless steel material that is rated at 180,000- psi tensile strength. ARP starter bolts are polished to a high-luster finish and offered with both hex and 12-point heads. Washers are included as required. Dart/Chevy SHP Oil Restrictors Allstar Performance, Watervliet, Michigan, presents its Dart/Chevy SHP Oil Restrictors with 0.030-inch ID hole. The oil restrictors for use in Dart and small-block Chevy SHP blocks are specifically designed for the priority main oil system to reduce the amount of oil flow to the top of the engine. They reduce the risk of evacuating the oil pan in continuous high-rpm engines. The kit includes two restrictors, an extra O-ring and detailed installation instructions. Hose & Fittings Holley Performance Products, Bowling Green, Kentucky, presents its Earl's Performance Plumbing brand UltraPro series of hose and fittings. The UltraPro Series hose features a carbon-infused PTFE inner-liner that is impervious to all known fuels, oils, and coolants used in automotive applications while maintaining an ultra- low coefficient of friction to promote maximum flow. The UltraPro Series hose ends are designed to stand up to the same harsh environments, with internal seals made from a fluoroelastomer material and furnace-brazed ends. ENGINE PRODUCTS PRECISION ENGINE Black Series Carburetors PROFORM, Warren, Michigan, presents its new Black Series four-barrel carburetors featuring a Black Diamond PTFE coating on the main bodies and fuel bowls. During testing, the coating reduced fuel temperature by up to 6 percent, combatting vapor lock. New carburetor models—all with mechanical secondaries—range from 650- to 850-cfm in the Street Series and 650- to 1,050-cfm in the Race Series (no air horn, choke tower/choke control for maximum flow). They feature billet metering blocks and baseplates, adjustable air and fuel settings and more. Performance Pushrods Engine Pro, Wheat Ridge, Colorado, part of the Engine Parts Group, presents its new 1010 Pushrods, featuring advancements including a one-piece design with swedged ends, so there are no welded ball ends to fail or break off. The pushrods are hardened to 58 Rockwell C scale, making them suitable for use with guide plates. Engine Pro has developed a series of short videos featuring Dave Sutton to demonstrate the pushrods' unique characteristics and value.

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