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2 THE SHOP JULY 2016 CONTENTS // July 2016 // Volume 19 Number 2 8 PRODUCT FOCUS: MADE IN THE USA 24 BERNAL AUTO STYLE Automotive artist Matt Bernal is in the business of dropping jaws. By Jef White 30 THESHOPMAG.COM Highlights from THE SHOP's daily electronic news coverage. By Anthony Bowe REST YLING 33 PPF: TIPS & HACKS Paint protection films work on everything from race vehicles to high-end sports cars. By John Carollo 40 UP-FRONT & PERSONAL Head-on with the front end accessories business. By Eddie Wieber 48 WATCHING THE BOTTOM LINE Don't let those dollars just fly away. By Josh Poulson 54 CONNECTED TECHNOLOGIES In-dash devices: if you build it, they will come. By Dino Perfetti 58 ELECTRIC HORSEMEN In Southern California, EV West sees battery-powered cars becoming the new normal. By Eddie Wieber 62 PRODUCT FOCUS: SHOP TOOLS & EQUIPMENT FEATURES \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ PERFOMANCE PA G E 8 65 GETTING AHEAD ON HEADERS A look at styles, materials, performance & more. By Mike Mavrigian 72 TOUR DE FORCE The Pro-Touring market keeps showing that new technology and old cars go great together. Compiled by Jef White 78 TALKIN' SHOP Meet Matt Lowe, Champion Brands' third-generation leader. By Regis Finn 82 RACING INTO SUMMER How to capitalize on customers having fun in the sun. By Ron Knoch 86 AUTO INTERIOR IMPRESSIONS Gauging the market for a dash of class. By John F. Katz 92 RECESSION LESSONS Is a downturn looming? Don't invite me—I'll be making sales. By Ed Preston 2 THE SHOP JULY 2016

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