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JULY 2016 THE SHOP 37 RESTYLING/AFTERMARKET ACCESSORIES lose details. The simple design of his light rack allows it to be moved instead of the car, making the job easier and faster. THE BEST JOBS ARE HARD TO SEE When it comes time for the PPF to meet the car, Helcberger uses his own concoc- tion for what he calls an "install gel" of both adhesive and lubricant. Of course, like other installers, he won't reveal his mix- ture, but does admit to it including soapy alcohol to give him the right amount of control and stickiness. He starts out with what he calls an "anchor point" for each piece he applies on the car. Then, it's a matter of working the material outward for total coverage. For areas that will "tuck under" the car, he starts with a somewhat oversized piece of PPF that can allow for wrapping under- neath. He always keeps any edges from facing the flow of air at speed. Helcberger also advises using a heat gun sparingly, because heat guns can allow PPF to stretch more than what is desirable. He also notes that heat guns can make the adhesive stickier, which is something the operator should always consider. The business of running a shop that offers paint protection film (PPF) is no different from any other business in that it is always in need of learning new tips, secrets and hacks. (Photos courtesy Solar Gard) Ricochet and Ricochet XRT by LEER™ are amazingly versatile covers you can install or remove in minutes with only two tools. On for a secure way to carry your gear. O to get every inch from your truck bed. Ricochet by LEER A soft-top look with a weather resistant, padded ArmorTex™ deck, laminated to rigid aluminum panels. Ricochet XRT by LEER The metal look with heavy-gauge, extruded aluminum panels and a powder-coated, matte black surface. ON FOR SECURITY. OFF FOR FULL BED ACCESS. Ricochet and Ricochet XRT by LEER™ Ricochet XRT LIVE LARGER To learn more, call 888.430.9598 or visit

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