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JULY 2016 THE SHOP 57 RESTYLING/AFTERMARKET ACCESSORIES available—or coming soon—from most major automakers, such as Ford, Honda, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. A greater issue for buyers has been cost, because many CarPlay-ready vehicles are mid- to high-end models, and require a p a c k a g e u p g r a d e . Aftermarket suppliers such as Kenwood and Alpine, to name a couple, have inte- grated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into their product offerings with great response from con- sumers looking to add this technology into their existing vehicles. THE AUTONOMOUS ERA With all these imminent changes, whether you feel ready or not, the autonomous era is well within sight. The University of Michigan, in conjunc- tion with the Michigan Department of Transportation, has created a simulated urban and suburban environment on a 32-acre site in Ann Arbor, Michigan known as Mcity. It includes simulated build- ings, roads with intersections, street lights, traffic signs, sidewalks, benches and other obstacles such as construction barriers. Upon opening in July 2015, testing is being done on highly automated vehicles with new technologies in a realistic envi- ronment. As a member of the SEMA PRO com- mittee, I will have the pleasure of touring this facility and am extremely excited about the opportunity. Watch for a follow-up article from this event. For information about becoming a SEMA PRO Committee member you can go to DINO PERFETTI is a 29-year veteran of the automotive after- market industry and a member of the SEMA PRO council. He joined Automotive Concepts in 2005 and now serves as sales manager, leading a sales team responsible for customizing vehicles for more than 200 dealerships in the Midwest. Contact him at Radar-based technology can assist in an automatic braking applica- tion to avoid a collision. Easter Jeep Safari 2016 Moab, UT 600+ TRUCK AND JEEP ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE WITH UPDATED DATA AVAILABLE THROUGH SEMA DATA CO-OP & DCI

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