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60 THE SHOP JULY 2016 TECHNOLOGY & ELECTRONICS and other social media that serves ulti- mately to promote and advocate EV devel- opment. While much of the EV discourse heard through popular media channels focuses on issues such as reducing carbon footprints and oil independence, Bream says his shop's customers "tend to be car guys that like to push the envelope, but still have a large appreciation for classic vehicles." He says these customers are interested in keeping classic cars on the road. They want them to be seen; they look for unique cars that draw attention, but are also interested in social responsibility. "There is really nothing more sustain- able in the car world than taking a 50-year-old car, and giving it new life as a daily driver and charging it up on solar panels," Bream says. "The electric drive line is actually going to save our classic cars and keep them on the roads." Still, being involved in a disruptive new technology like EV conversions has its challenges, simply due to a lack of history. "We're kind of chartering new waters," says Bream. "For example, customers will ask about the lon- gevity of a particular product, but we have to tell them that particular product has only been on the market for a couple of years, so we don't have a typical shop knowledge of reliability or the reputation of particular products." Besides cool unique hot rod conversions, EV West works with companies that are Works in progress. One departure from tradition: considerable use of big copper wiring. Custom motor plate and flywheel coupler for a 1957 Fiat 500. Despite the recent news reports, there are some clean VWs out there. EV West's electric off- road build at the San Diego Auto Show. With twin AC76s supplying the torque, this Jeep could climb a verti- cal wall if Velcro tires were a thing.

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