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80 THE SHOP JULY 2016 PERFORMANCE ML: I have thought about this for a while. Instead of making something up I am just going to say that I have no idea. I am just very confident that Champion will be a part of it. TS What professional accomplishment are you most proud of? ML: In all candor, I have no measurable accomplishment in this industry. I have only been on the job for a few months. TALKIN' SHOP number of companies trying to infiltrate the market is remarkable. I know there are some companies that only provide performance products. That is not us. We are very diversified within our own line of products as well as the significant amount of private-label business that we have devel- oped extensively over the last several years. TS Where do you think the industry will be in 10 years? With that being said, I am certainly proud to be a part of something that my grandfather started and that was carried forward by my father and his two brothers for many years. There was a transition of ownership back in 1998, but my father remained in the ownership group and is still active with the company today. He has a litany of professional accomplishments. I hope that someday he can add bringing me on board to the list. TS What's your next big goal to achieve? ML: We have three or four sizable projects in the works. Our goal as a company is to finalize these projects by the end of the year. TS What's your advice for speed shops seeking long-term success in the perfor- mance aftermarket? ML: Purchase quality products to pass on to your customer. TS If you could change one thing about the performance automotive aftermarket, what would it be? ML: I would like for there to be a better understanding of the market by those who do not necessarily participate in it. The regulatory challenges for companies are becoming increasingly burdensome. Many of those regulations and rules are being written by individuals who have little to no knowledge of the consequences, many Lowe Oil originally started out making oil for passenger cars. Today, Champion's offerings have expanded to include special oil for diesel- powered vehicles, power steering fluid, fuel injector cleaners, octane booster, brake fluid, hydraulic oil, gear oil, grease, racing fuel, degreasers and wax.

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