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JULY 2016 THE SHOP 81 PERFORMANCE of which are unintended. There needs to be an increased level of coordination between the industry and those that are drafting regulation and legislation. TS What's one thing most people in the automotive aftermarket don't know about you? ML: Very few people in the industry know me at all. I plan to be around for a while, though. I look forward to seeing and meeting a lot of people at various trade shows and other industry functions over the next several years. RACE FUEL FOR YOUR BATTERY! LEAD-ACID, AGM & CYCLIC CELL LITHIUM (LIFEPO4) Since 1994! MORE PRODUCTS, BUYING OPTIONS: select TM-251 $179.90 Select 14.4V 10A OR 14.7V 10A + 13.6V 8A power supply t° regulated charging Battery test before & after Ampmatic control adjusts to battery size Pulsed absorption & cell balancing 24-7-365 proven OptiMate maintenance 13.6V 8A battery support when troubleshooting BMS reset Safe voltage selection Low Volt save from 0.5V Active battery testing Ampmatic current control adjusts to battery size Pulsed cell balancing 24-7-365 maintenance for lithium Select 12.8V 9.5A OR 16V 7.5A TM-271 $179.90

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