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JULY 2016 THE SHOP 83 PERFORMANCE skills during the day. It was close in the eliminations, but after a red light, Phillip Stiers of Lakewood, Colorado, drove away with an easy win in the finals. Sunday was the sled pulling and show- n-shine, with many of the young diesel enthusiasts staying for the day of festivi- ties. The diesel truck classes pulled first, followed by the local diesel tractor clubs. Lots of people cheered the pullers on and during the class changeover the local diesel club presented the show-n-shine winners with their trophies. During this time the local chapter leader even proposed to his fiancé in front of the entire crowd! BUSINESS OR PLEASURE During the weekend, local diesel shops, truck accessory businesses and national manufacturers also displayed their wares for the diesel enthusiasts to purchase or view. How can a local shop like yours capitalize on these shows? How can you make money at events like this? It's not always a big display or fancy trailer that gets you noticed. It's how you work the show attendees that matters. Most of these shows charge a little for the vendor space, but it is valuable exposure for your business. It's about collecting contacts and networking with people who buy what you are selling. DIESEL Motors- ports puts on events where diesel enthusi- asts bring their trucks to compete in racing, dyno runs, pulling or show-n-shines. Like most motorsports events, they damage or break items on their trucks—so now they need to buy the sponsors' products or have vendors at the events fix their trucks before the next event. You can set up a vendor space at an event by buying a 10-by-10-foot pop-up canopy, a couple of 5-foot folding tables, a couple of black tablecloths and a few company banners to hang around the booth. Pull or bring your best shop truck to place at the booth, along with some product to put out on the tables. Call your local distributor and they may even send you some product displays to set out. Most importantly, print some simple cards, either 4-by-6 or 5.5-by-8.5 inches, Trucks, campers and RVs started showing up on Friday in order to get the good spots at the track at Kear- ney Raceway Park. Diesel truck owners line the fences to watch their favorite trucks compete at the event. Phillip Stiers from Lake- wood, Colo- rado won the ET Bracket race at the Nebraska Diesel Show. Local trucks line up to sled-pull to show what performance improvements to their trucks can do on the track.

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