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JULY 2016 THE SHOP 87 user the ability to identify common issues with today's electronics." ZST tachometers can be calibrated for engines with one to 12 cylinders. New for 2016 is Classic Instruments' Fuel Link, which "makes any fuel sending unit work with any fuel instrument," McLeod continues, while reducing activation of low-fuel warning lights by fuel slosh. "Higher-end gauges," adds Paul Bradley, of Marshall Instruments in Anaheim, Cali- fornia, offer "stepper-motor movements for precision, LED backlit dials and illumi- nated pointers for easy viewing at night." Among Marshall Instruments' most popular products "is our retro-styled, SCX 60s Muscle gauge set," which features a face design inspired by the '69 Camaro, combined with "high-end components and features," including "stepper-motor move- ments, LED backlighting, peak recall and user-programmable alarms." Additionally, Marshall Instruments "offers a variety of dial colors and styles, as well as multiple bezel options. And since we make everything here in the U.S., it is easy for us to customize a gauge set for the buyer's specific needs." Compatibility with modern drive lines is important as well. "Aside from how the instruments look," notes Greg Karpe, a sales associate at Dakota Digital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, "how they function, and integrate, is very important. With late-model drive- train conversions already wildly popular and growing every day, communica- tion with the ECM is becoming a must-have. Our BIM-01-2 OBD-II interface is the perfect way to streamline the installa- tion of a Dakota Digital instru- ment system by plugging into the vehicle's diagnostic port to read pertinent information." Karpe also explains the appeal of back-lit gauges: Instead of a light shining on the gauge, the numbers, graphics—even the moving needle—all seem to glow. "That's perhaps the biggest change in Gauge cluster for a 1940 Ford. (Photo courtesy Classic Instru- ments) A classic Ford Bronco cluster, with six gauges. (Photo courtesy Classic Instruments) Classic Instruments' Fuel Link makes any fuel sending unit work with any fuel instrument. (Photo courtesy Classic Instruments) Owners want gauge and dash designs that inte- grate into the overall look and feel of their vehicles. (Photo courtesy Dakota Digital) HOT ROD & CUSTOMIZATION

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