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July '16

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • July 2016 • 25 "With remotely-controlled content (cloud or server-based), the client has the ability to remotely change their digital signage content and scheduling," says Jay Saret, business development manager for Almo Professional A/V. "This can be done using a range of options, including computer PC, tablet and smartphone— from any location connected to the inter- net, which eliminates the need to be on location to make those changes." Obstacle Avoidance Given that things always seem to evolve, improve or change with tech- nology, there are obviously areas of con- sideration when taking on a remotely- operated digital signage project. "Compared to other IoT devices, digital signage will have greater net- work bandwidth requirements," says Hempy, noting that there is more to the process than sending a smart thermo- stat reading to one's iPhone, or turning off a home's patio lights from another location. "Signage must download rich media les, such as videos and mega- pixel images. Be sure that you will have enough bandwidth for the number of displays deployed. Using a system that will download content les during off- hours greatly reduces that demand while increasing responsiveness to content changes." With digital signage there are so many elements involved with develop- ing and displaying the content, that sign operators must be aware of any poten- tially unstable components. Stable Connection Needed Some kind of stable internet connec- tion is necessary to feed the content to the signage, whether it is Wi-Fi or wired. "Naturally wired is much more reliable and rarely if at all causes us any connec- tivity issues," notes Goldsmith. "Wi-Fi on the other hand can be bothersome and cause connectivity issues that mean that the screens cannot connect to the cloud and download any new content." Saret agrees that a common fail point could be an unreliable internet connec- tion, however, he notes that when a con- nection is lost, "no changes can be made, but the existing content does continue to play so the screens do not go black." Hardware and Software "With any technology there is always some risk of failure," says Cahoy, stating that displays, players, hard drives and other parts come with expiration dates. "My opinion is that users overcome that barrier by selecting good quality prod- ucts initially (think commercial ver- sus consumer products) and dening a strategy for long-term maintenance and support." e Internet of ings (IoT) is like any other net- workcomputers talking to other computers but the scale of this is much more extreme. It's Easy t o Print Magnets ® Soar Above the Rest • Quality printable magnetic material, made in America • World-class service, not lip service • Industry leading delivery times • Custom solutions to fit your magnetic printing needs Call us today at 800.258.0991 with Magnum Magnetics ® Printable Magnets

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