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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • July 2016 • 27 "Start small," Cahoy suggests. "Just put up one display and test your assumptions. You can collect a lot of valuable intel by watching users and talking to your stake- holders on that rst display before you go to the expense of buying and installing a whole network of displays." Regarding the content, be sure that there is room to customize or adjust the message when necessary. Not all users will want to communicate the same way; and every display may not necessarily function identically. "If content is controlled centrally, such as a national retail chain," Hempy says, "a remote content authoring, dis- tribution and scheduling is essential. Balancing that, in-store personnel must have enough autonomy to react to local conditions such as running out of stock or local promotions." Once the right plan is in place, sign shops can start getting into more advanced elements of the dis- play—the pieces that increase the con- tent's overall effectiveness. "The programming of the content would allow your client to change menu items/prices, etc. without affecting the look and feel," Saret says. "Your client would also be able to upload videos, display their own Twitter feeds (or any Twitter feed for which they have the login credentials). In terms of collecting data—that would require adding either a mobile interface/interaction or a camera mounted on the screen. There are many options to integrate RFID and beacons into the solution to track big data." Taking this into account, it is easy to see how helpful remote content can be for a digital display. This applies not only to the viewer but to the user. Having a digital sign with content flexibility is easily achieved through remotely-con- trolled content. "If your content on a given display changes more than once per month, or if your eet of displays is large, remote management is absolutely essential," Hempy says. SDG With the Fastest CO 2 and Fiber Lasers on the Market Full Speed head t r o t e l a s e r. o • roc esses in. sec • Faster pulse speeds for better quality • ng rav e and ut a nam e plate in sec onds * Calculation based on time to process 24"x12" sheet (96 plates) with 3 lines each. AL - rint- to- edg e" approve d ST AL - 2. and il ersions nique polym er tech nolog y allows te lm to cling easil to lass and other sm ooth surface s AT AT AL AC - "Print-to-edge" technology - Compatible with a variety of printing methods S AN AL S AL itram a anufact ures a co prehensive rang e of ca lendered vi nyls to eet all of your applica tion needs from indow s to alls. Create truly eye- ca tch ing tw o- ay indow raphics ith our dow al co ponents or tal li for an optica lly cl ear option. Our lti ate atte all Ac ti on product is ideal for tem porary applica tons on painted dry alls. Contact an authorize d itram a distributor or ca ll 50 71 70 today to learn ore about our product offering s or vi sit tr am a- us om uly 14 16 16 on Beac h, A Booth #2 1

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