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28 • July 2016 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ELECTRIC SIGNAGE The color, brightness and halo depth can have a substantial impact on the effectiveness of this type of letter sign. This article examines some of the elements and characteristics for effective reverse lit channel letter halos. M are not aware that reverse channel letter halos are available in multiple colors. (Some assume white is the only option.) Choosing the correct halo color conguration can be an important effectiveness determinant. This multiple color capability may also permit a client to match a customer's branding color scheme. Consider the halo color on this sign, for example (see photo 1). The warmth of this orange halo is an appropriate complement to the product offering. The color orange is often associated with physical comfort and food. Mixing the sign's halo colors is another design item to consider. Your client may also not be aware that not all letters must have the same halo color. Multiple halo colors can provide the sign with an additional attention-generating element. For example, this sign features mul- tiple halo colors and has both strong leg- ibility and visual impact (see photo 2). This sign also mixes halo colors and has a warm and professional appearance. Red is one of the Residence Inn branding colors (see photo 3). Here is another example of a halo color mix. This illumination design emphasizes the business name but then follows with the business type in a smaller font and different halo color (see photo 4). Multiple halo colors may be an excel- lent method for your client to add more attention-generating capacity to their reverse-lit letter sign. However, that is not always the case. A single halo color (white is the most Using Channel Letter Halos Effectively John Baylis is the Marketing Director at Direct Sign Wholesale. B Y J O H N B A Y L I S Photo 1: Reverse lit letters with orange halo. Halo lit (or reverse) channel letters can produce a dynamic signage presence when properly designed and installed. H A L O C O L O R Photo 2: White and red halo mix.

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