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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • July 2016 • 31 ate width can create a dramatic illumina- tion effect. On the other hand, an overly thin halo may defeat the reverse lighting purpose. If the halo does not disperse an adequate distance behind the letters, the illumi- nation impact can be diminished (see photo 8). One of the causes of halo width is the letter mounting distance from the wall. The appropriate mounting distance is typically 1.5" to 2". Letters which do not have sufcient façade mounting distance may result in a thin halo. Façade Color Effect A careful examination must also be made between the customer's desired halo color and the current color of the building façade. Halo illumination may appear in a different hue than intended if it is reected off a colored building surface. For example, if a building has a red façade and the installed sign has a white halo, some of the red surface color may carry over into the halo appearance. The customer should be made aware of that potential issue prior to installation. If your review of the site shows there may be a potential surface color carry- over problem, one potential solution is to mount a backer panel behind the sign. The correct usage of such a panel can change a problematic illumination surface to an ideal halo lighting environ- ment (see photo 9). However, reverse letters mounted to backer panels may also have issues. For example, if the panel has a shiny surface (like a "mirror finish") it may show a night reection of the LED modules. The key question for your customer is their color preference on the overall halo appearance. If you see a potential issue at the sign location (i.e., the surface color may dilute the halo color) let them know the importance of a backer panel. Conclusion Halo lit channel letters can have a dramatic signage impact when con- structed correctly, but vary in terms of halo and mounting quality. The halo color, brightness and width can each have an impact on the overall presentation of the reverse lit sign. Further, the mount- ing surface and color will also inuence the halo appearance. A careful site survey will help to uncover potential issues with the reverse lit letter set appearance. SDG Photo 9: Reverse lit letter sign with backer panel. Photo courtesy of Sunrise Signs, Beaverton, Oregon. 20 % OFF Ordering online has never been easier INTRODUCING! SCIGRIP ® by Weld-On ® Adhesive Products are NOW Available ONLINE @ Your adhesive supplier for sign manufacturing & plastic fabrication. 20% off your first order if you call, 877.595.4583, & mention this ad! Instant order confirmation Order by noon for same day shipment Free shipping on orders $100+ AA_1/3PageAd.05.26.16.indd 1 5/31/16 11:40 AM

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