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46 • July 2016 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S WRAPS DIGITAL GRAPHICS graphics with a gloss overlaminate we use both propane torches and heat guns during installation when we need to heat the graphics over rivets, around complex curves and into deep contours. For color change wraps heat guns, not propane torches, should be used as they provide a more controlled heat source and won't cause surface damage when used within the proper temperature range. Be sure to take care when stretch- ing these solid color lms as over-heating and over-stretching can create thin areas in the lm that will both lighten in color and can also split and fail. It's important to read product bulle- tins for the specic vinyl you are using to nd out the heat range the manufacturer recommends staying within. For example 3 M specically recommends a maximum lm surface temperature of 212 degrees when working with their IJ180Cv3 vinyl to avoid damaging the graphic during installation. During the post-heat step 3M also recommends using a heat gun and keeping the post-heat temperature at a minimum of 200 degrees, maximum of 225 degrees. Dealing with Scratches On full-color printed graphics, scratches tend to blend in a bit more with the background images. But on solid color wraps even tiny scratches can become more obvious. Still, unless they are too deep, scratches can be removed. Be sure to start your wrap with a fresh, felt-tipped edge squeegee. We use Geek Wrap's squeegees because we like the combination of a felt side and a hard edged side, as well as the durability of the squeegee itself. They also offer mul- tiple sizes to meet different application situations. Even with a fresh squeegee it seems that some scratches are inevitable. The great thing about high-gloss films is that a nice post-heat treatment typi- cally removes all of these light surface scratches. You can also take a look at different laminates to see what product features they list. For example, 3 M Envision gloss Specialty printable vinyls, with a gloss overlaminate, like 3M's Scotchlite Removable Reflective IJ680CR are also available for certain applications.

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