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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • July 2016 • 47 wrap overlaminate 8548G, the same one we use on our wraps, notes "resists squeegee scratches" in its description. Choosing a lm that helps prevent these scratches will save you time when nish- ing the wrap by reducing the time you spend heating. A wipe down of the vehicle with a 2:1 mix of isopropyl alcohol and water can also remove surface scratches. Be sure to use a clean using a lint-free towel. Post-Application Customers choose a high-gloss n- ish because the gloss enhances the look of their wrap. Without proper care, and just over time, the nish may dull due to abrasion, lack of proper washing and long-term UV exposure. We have a Wrap Care Sheet that we give our customers when they pick up their completed vehicle wrap. This gives the customer a rundown on wash- ing, waxing, pressure-washing and other care tips for their new wrap. The recom- mendations we make will help prolong the gloss nish of their graphics. There are also products on the market that you can specically recommend to your customer if they want to add addi- tional protection. Crystal Tek offers a wrap wash and polish kit that you can offer your customer. 3 M also recommends their Perfect-it Show Car Paste Wax 39526 on their 1080 Gloss series wrap lms. Mequiar's Gold Class Carnuba Plus Premium Liquid Wax is another product that will help bring back the gloss nish to a high- gloss wrap application. SDG On this Jetta we wrapped the hood, roof and trunk with 3M 1080 gloss black to transform the look of this car.

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