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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • July 2016 • 53 coating on top, kind of like screen print- ing. But the sweet spot is the fact you don't have to do a full screen-print-sized order; you can just produce one shirt on demand, right away." Transfer paper is just $2 for a standard letter-sized sheet; combine that with the relatively low retail price of some good- quality cotton T-shirts, and sign shops have a quick and easy way to produce as many shirts as they'd like. "Because you're using an LED printer, it can put out an image every two or three minutes—it's super-fast, and super easy," he says. "There's no cutting, no weed- ing—it only transfers where the toner is, and the only thing that transfers is the toner itself. Black or dark substrates used to be the Achilles' heel of heat transfers, but it makes it easy for light- or white- colored shirts." Combined with a good quality heat press and some basic printing materials, Barefoot says a sign shop can be in busi- ness for about $9,000—and with just a simple understanding of a graphics pro- gram like Photoshop, you can start to produce high-quality results. Another option for those looking to very simply print heat-transfer pieces is the CAD-COLOR thermo lm material from Detroit-based Stahls', the inter- national printing products giant. If you already have an inkjet or laser printer, you can use it to produce lettering, graphics and multicolored images that can be heat-press adhered to a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, lycra, polyester and nylon, explains Carleen Gray, the company's vice president and chief marketing ofcer. "It's a fabulous add-on for an existing business," Gray says. "And the technol- ogy is so much different—we were the pioneer for heat-transfer printing for technical fabrics. CAD-COLOR allows low-temperature application of stretch- able, breathable images, and it won't scorch the material." A range of inkjet- and laser printer- specic paper is available, the various grades more suitable for lighter-colored fabrics or even eece material, as well as special stretchable transfer paper for per- formance apparel or swimwear. In bulk, the transfer paper can cost less than a dollar per sheet, as well, offering a very affordable, do-it-yourself transfer graph- ics solution, with no more investment required than an appropriate heat press. "People will be surprised how soft and wearable the results are, and it doesn't crack or peel," Gray says. Options also exist for printable transfers that add metallic- or glitter-infused highlights to the transfer images, she adds. SDG Contact Diane Gilbert at 800-669-0424 x297 Sign & Digital Graphics MARKETPLACE A low-cost solution to gain attention for your company. People will be surprised how so and wearable the results are, and it doesn't crack or peel.

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