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70 • July 2016 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL industries for this employer he discov- ered the importance of corporate iden- tity, particularly with the use of color applied to materials, like their sheets of aluminum. From there, Bill began developing relationships with distributors and sign companies to bridge the gap between the need for components that met the corporate identity criteria and those fullling the branding applications. His entrepreneurial spirit and curious mind then went to work exploring and learn- ing about other products outside of alu- minum sheets that would also t with signage. Eventually Bill took the leap of faith to start his own independent rep business, Yorston and Associates, in 1985. Today, we've worked in all 50 states, in Canada and the Caribbean. We are now made up of a team consisting of both outside and inside sales people and staff dedicated to specication. Our rm's focus is on com- mercial and architectural signage as well as lighting solutions. Q: How did you get into the business with your father? A: At an early age my father taught me some key principles; never stop learning, never burn a bridge, never stop reading, always be professional. Most impor- tantly he taught me that no matter what happens, true success is never given. It is earned every step of the way. I never forgot any of this advice and it has served me well as I rst worked with real estate and natural gas leasing. But deep down I always wanted to work for my dad. Seeing how my father applied his own advice has also provided me the model to follow. Learning at an early age what my father actually did with his business has helped me understand and appreciate what he does. I wanted to do the same thing. I eventually joined my dad and his team in 2012. Q: What does Yorston provide to sign companies? A: Signage people often think only about the nished sign. We think alu- minum, lighting, adhesive, paint, extru- sion, and type of face material (exible or rigid). In other words, we break a proj- ect down into its components and put together the right mix to of ingredients to achieve the best outcome. As a manufactures rep for the sign industry, we work to perfect the mix of items to offer sign companies and their projects. These items should be syner- gistically connected to maximize success. The closer we get to this mix, the more valuable we are with our sign customers, designers, distributors and our manufac- turers current or prospective.The end user wins as well. Q: What else do you do to help the sign industry? A: We attend regional trade shows, conduct trainings and provide updates to regional distribution, we perform "Lunch and Learns" at large fabrica- tion facilities, we help to increase brand awareness, gather market intelligence, provide manufacturers the leverage it takes to reduce barriers of entry to mar- ket, we sell by working with distribution,

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