November/December 2007

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How did you get into the industry? Growing up, I was always at the rink, and one day I asked the manager, Dave Westner, if there was something I could do to help. That culminated into a career in the ice industry. Best tip or trick you picked up at a STAR Program: Like everyone else, I would spend a ton of time scraping up ice paint drips with a razor blade and a rag. The best tip I have gotten from a STAR class is using the water sprayer to dilute the drips. What's the funniest story from your career that you can share? It's one that actually helped to build my career. I'm a volunteer Associate Coach- in-Chief with the Coaching Education Program. I have done as many as 1,500- 2,000 certifications in a year. People tend to remember me after these clinics as I am told the stories from my coaching experience are — as some say — "colorful." Anyhow, in May 2005, during a break at NARCE I headed up to my room. I stepped into the elevator and Joe Bowling says, "Hey, I know you!" Turns out I had taught one of his certification courses a handful of years earlier. We made some small talk and I found out that he was building a rink in Maryland, not far from DC. Having consulted on successful rink projects elsewhere, I offered my assistance should he have any need for help. The rest, as they say, is history. Four months later I was wearing a hard hat physically helping build the arena from the ground up. All from a chance encounter in an elevator. What's the most successful project you have been involved with? Very shortly before the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, I was asked to start up operations at a rink that would be hosting four high-profile national teams for practice ice before the games: Chinese Short Track Speedskating, Russian and French Figure Skating, and Swiss Hockey. In less than two weeks, we hired and trained full- and part-time staff, laid ice, implemented security plans, and opened our doors to the public. Working together with local law enforcement, team leaders, media, and a brand new staff, we provided outstanding ice and secure practices for all the teams. Tell us about the most embarrassing moment in your career: I don't embarrass too easily as I am well aware of my shortcomings. You should ask my staff. What's the biggest mistake you have seen? Without a doubt it has to be consistent neglect of proper training for front-line staff. Typically, these are high school kids in their first jobs without a clue about what a job is, let alone the rink business or customer service. However, these are often the only people the public comes into contact with to form an impression of the facility. How has STAR Training helped you and your facility? The STAR courses have provided me and my key staff with indispensable and critical knowledge for the safe and efficient operation of our facility. Networking with colleagues at NARCE has provided me with great tips and sounding boards for day-to-day frustrations and successes. Importance of STAR and/or NARCE for your business and/or career: Thanks to USA Hockey, U.S. Figure Skating, and ORFA for putting together an outstanding organization that has transformed the ice industry. Through STAR and NARCE I have been able to refine my expertise and gain certifications that provide assurance to the public and to rink owners that I am among those who are on the cutting edge of industry best practices. ★ ■ Training, and recognition of training, is the best way to let colleagues and potential employers know who you are and what you have accomplished. Almost every industry has a measuring stick to help employers gauge the level of competency of a future employee. industry spotlight 54 R INK MAGAZ INE November/december 2007 Capital City Gains Ty Newberry Fort DuPont Ice Arena • Washington, DC Years in Industry: 16 STAR Operator level: 5 STAR STAR / ORFA Courses Taken: • PMP – NARCE 2004 • BR – NARCE 2005 • IAA – NARCE 2006 • IMEO – Indian Trail, NC, 2007 • ORM – NARCE 2007 • IMPT – Ashburn, VA, 2007 X FORT DUPONT X

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