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Monthly newspaper and online publication targeting 18 to 35 year olds. The ultimate guide to the hottest parties, going out and having fun. Music, fashion, film, travel, festivals, technology, comedy, and parties! London, Barcelona, Miami and Ibiza.

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OUR BIRTH 2009 Guestlist was born in print, online and BIG "We came out like a child chatting bare shit" The ultimate guide to going out and having fun. Encouraged by our gaining a tremendous amount of advertisers in the first 6 months including BSM, Eurostar, Easybus, Snickers and HMV REACHING PRINT HIGHS Print editions - Up to 125,000 per month printed! INTERNATIONAL VENTURES BARCALONA Launched and printed 3 issues in Barcalona half in Spanish. With the help of Fiat, Jack Daniels and Renault and some great international friends, utilising and developing Guestlists global links MIAMI We spent a month getting to know the real Miami with 8 of the crew. We printed an issue there with the help of the fantastic Pauline Marcellin which was another huge moment for us IN 2013 WE BECAME ONLINE ONLY Our email list has steadily been growing and we have a hardcore bunch of loyal Guestlisters who keep us doing what we're doing YOUTUBE NETWORK Big filmed interviews on YouTube from- LMFAO, Raekwan, Ne yo, Miguel, Iggy, J Holliday, Vaccines, Noisettes, Sean Paul, Eve, Estelle, our interviews go on forever "If we ain't interviewed you you're either up your own arse or you ain't even relevant" THE CATTERPILLAR BECOMES A BUTTERFLY 4 years ago we became slightly despondent. We were full of bullshit messages while there was some serious shit going on the world. We decided that we wanted the publication to be more of a reflection of values we have. We have a strong awareness of our world, as well as being party animals! The company then went through changes, we refreshed our style. Partying was life, we were going to more festivals than a tie die T-shirt but we knew we wanted something extra. We wanted more substance. We changed our name from "the ultimate guide to going out and having fun" to YOUR SURVIVAL GUIDE TO LIFE We decided we were gonna make more effort being active in areas such as; • Racial equality • Sexual equality • Privacy • Environmental sustainablitity • Tolerance • Anti mindless consumerism • Anti money driven wars • Anti mass media indoctrination ISSUE 100! GUESTLIST

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