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Unfortunately, with this idea of riches also came a deep dark secret that is, at best, skimmed over in the history books today. In a letter to his brother, Leopold II had made it clear that he wanted to gain this wealth for Belgium through the colonisation of a Central African country known at the time as Congo, and so in 1885, he proceeded to invade. At first, Leopold gained wealth through the ivory trade but after discovering that the rubber trade was also starting to boom, Leopold II forced the Congolese natives to work under horrifically inhumane conditions on the plantations he had created. Whilst the Belgian government was creating unions for employees along with working rights for women and children, the King of their country was bringing pain and suffering to millions of people far away. Punishments included having hands cut off if the quotation of rubber was not filled and stories of other sick penalties such as beheading became rife, and mutilated hands were well known to be used as currency! Once authorities finally figured out what was happening, punishments were justly made and the scandal spread throughout the countries. But the sad truth is, King Leopold II got away with these atrocities for almost 25 years with the deaths of an estimated 10 million+ Congolese nationals. It is generally accepted that more Africans were murdered under the rule of King Leopold II than Europeans murdered by Hitler in WW2. However, the genocide of The Congo is not something that is widely known outside of Africa itself. 12 ISSUE 100 / 2017 GUESTLIST In the year 1865, at the age of 30, Leopold II became the king of Belgium, bringing with him the promise of strength and prosperity to the citizens of this small European nation. KING LEOPOLD: THE BELGIAN TYRANT THAT COMMITTED SOME OF THE WORST ATROCITIES EVER RECORDED BAD HISTORY

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