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Monthly newspaper and online publication targeting 18 to 35 year olds. The ultimate guide to the hottest parties, going out and having fun. Music, fashion, film, travel, festivals, technology, comedy, and parties! London, Barcelona, Miami and Ibiza.

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RECENT MILESTONES Getting Patience in as the backbone of the magazine, we would all be lost without her 2017 was the year of live tv - we had siick 4 hour long streams which will be back, even better, as soon as we organise our space THE FUTURE • Were always trying to better ourselves because life isn't there to be satisfactory it's there to be great. • We know we're not there yet but every month we get better and we thank you guys who click on the link in the email and read the paper, we thank you guys that engage with us on social media, and we thank you guys for everything especially those who hold the same values as us. • We're looking forward to the next 100 issues embracing the youth of today with a positive outlook. • Were developing more features, more live sessions, the reducetariean, London on edge, and always, since the beginning more fun for you to get involved in. Catch all this from issue 101. • The vibes we want to create begin at home, so one of our goals is for our employees to have the best time ever, we care about everyones time, and we want a positive energy from the off. Soon see our waterslide in the sun! • If you wanna get involved with us; write for us, party every night of the week and tell the world how much fun you're having; get in touch. OUR MISSION • Were now proud to be pro muslim, though were not religious, pro black though were not black, pro vegetarian but we eat meat • We want to be a point of call for news, offering a real perspective of what the big media might be twisting • By mixing serious issues with fun and games, we are more substantial; something that the world needs, and something we're now proud of • We aim to make your life easier, to help you navigate this crazy world that we're all trying to make sense of • Were no longer running bollocks ads, making you buy shit you don't need, not running ads for shit we don't approve of • We like to support ethical music and ethical artists • Were not jumping on that bandwagon of what's popular without having regard for the bigger picture • We're now supported by a bunch of ethical clients, from fairtrade teas and coffees to charities - and we love it! • • Were better prepared than ever to move with technology, taking on new mediums and as always searching for excellence "SHIT IT'S BEEN A LONG RIDE MAN IT'S BEEN CRAZY" ISSUE 100! GUESTLIST

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