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What was your first thought this morning? Thank god my beautiful girlfriend loves to sleep naked! So how did you get into dance music? At school, we were a group of friends doing music together. We teamed up at 'Karatas House' (that was our favourite kebab restaurant) to produce experimental more or less talented music from hip hop to electronic. Years later I studied architecture. I lived with a roommate that used to DJ. Ali asked one of his friends to lend me some turntables and a few days later I started to learn mixing, and spending all my money on vinyl. How would you describe your sound? No chance to stand still. Tell us about your latest EP Fall In Love. You get three bangers of power tech-house that keeps everyone busy on the floor. As a DJ you prefer to let things 'flow', so did you use the same approach when you created Fall In Love. I do follow a flow while producing, so yes. But every track happens that moment and sometimes a flow and sometimes not, either way, it's cool. You've worked with Danny Serrano on your previous EP Collapse, how did that collab come about? I did a remix for Danny's Transitions album on My Favourite Freaks Music back in 2014. I think he was happy with the result because he asked me about doing a collab together. Our first track was Collapse and I'm really happy with the result. I still play it in every set and the track made it to 19th in Tech-House Top100! So if you could work with any artist on your next EP, who would it be? To be honest there is no one I want to work with because I'm more into following my own sound, than into discussing with someone on details. If you could gig anywhere in the world - where would you like to play? DC10 - Terrace. It's one of those places where there is "no chance to stand still", the music really fits in with any vibe you want. What would you be doing if it wasn't music? Architecture, graphic design or snowboarding. What ideas changed your life? The answer is electronic music! What would you do to make the world a better place? Put Trump, Putin, Kim-Jong Un and ISIS to a proper techno party and show them it's all about raving together! What would you fill a swimming pool with if it could be with anything? I heard you can walk on pudding! So fill it up with pudding and I play Jesus. You've said that there will not be an LP coming out this year, so when can fans expect an album from you? Let me have more success with my releases and then I'll do the first album. I don't feel it's the right time now. So what are your next goals? To start a live-act, do an album and after that yeah, maybe also start my own imprint to create a platform to present talented people! 2017 / ISSUE 100 Alexander Aurel is a uniquely ambitious DJ. A German native whose only goal is to get people dancing, the refreshing simplicity of his ambition is what makes him such a great performer. With his focus on playing live rather than focusing on an album, his reputation for fucking mental shows is only going to increase! INTERVIEW: ALEXANDER AUREL follow @AlexanderAurelOfficial HOUSE "TO BE HONEST THERE IS NO ONE I WANT TO WORK WITH BECAUSE I'M MORE INTO FOLLOWING MY OWN SOUND." 25 Ben O'Sullivan | Guestlist

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