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When you hit commercial success, did you feel any pressure? Yeah, it wasn't so much a pressure in doing stuff that we didn't want to do. But there's a pressure from the label and your peers to get the same level of success, which is obviously what you want for your music, though so much depends on the time and the market and a bit of luck as well. We went on a good run and I think actually some of our productions afterwards have been stronger than the ones that really took off, but not everything aligned every time. This year has definitely been about musical freedom, which has been about letting us take back more control again. It's good that you're focusing on what you want to do, I'm guessing this is a major part of the album? Yeah, definitely. We've split it into three parts so people can get an understanding of where we're at. The first part was just re- releasing the old stuff so people could have a look at it. Everything that we put out, we play in our shows. It's really important for us that we're putting out records that we play in our sets. There's stuff to come, we've got a record with A*M*E, which is a full on 2 step record, proper garage. That's our heritage, where we came from and what we grew up on. Then there's some lighter, more melodic stuff that we really enjoy to make aswell, because we're also songwriters. A lot of people see us as DJs but we're songwriters too and write for a lot of other people. This is something that we really wanted to put out there. So there's records on there that we've produced, even sung on. It's about letting people know who we really are, we're more than just those guys who made 'So Frickin Tight', there's a lot more to us. Are all the album parts coming out on your Get Twisted label? Yeah, it's all coming on our label. What's the inspiration behind the name 'Get Twisted', sounds like a party we need to go to! It was a party, that's how it all started! As a party, we're like six or seven years old. We started in London, originally called Twisted Disco. We've moved around different locations. We wanted to set up our own label and it just made sense to keep the name, but we didn't want the 'Disco' because it's broader than that. The label turns five years, though the parties are older and it's been great fun! The label turns five, have you got any big plans for that? Loads!. We're also taking Get Twisted to Ibiza for the first time, taking over Eden. We'll probably do a special five-year anniversary EP with some of our biggest hits remixed, though that's a working progress at the moment. We've talked about your parties coming at Egg and Ibiza, pretty sure you've got some more in calendar as well? Summer's always great for us, loads of festivals. Ibiza, we're playing with Tinie Temper at Ushisia, back at Sankey's for Redlight. We'll be at Marbella with all the Kiss FM crew, playing with Majestic over at BCM in Majorca. Zante, Ayia Napa, all the usual spots. Has there been a party that's changed your life? Yeah, for me personally I use to go to Ibiza every summer from the age of 13. I remember going to see Roger Sanchez play like 6 to 8-hour sets. I think that's when I really fell in love with house music and thought that it was what I really wanted to do. More recently in the emergence of house, tech, and disco in London, there was a party called Lowkey which was amazing. What would Tough Love do to change the world? Stop the violence man! We were talking about this in the studio the other day; maybe it's cos it's on our doorstep at the moment - the amount of kids killing each other at the moment over ignorant things like turf wars is ridiculous and the media aren't helping. They keep pushing too many images that are almost glorifying this violence on the streets. I know it's not just here, it's all over the world but for us it happens on our doorstep in East & West London. It's something we're really passionate about, we're always talking about ways we could do something to help the situation cos it's bad and needs to be dealt with! What ideas have you come up with? Making donations through records, maybe getting involved in a trust where we could help kids find a passion for art. Any reason to get them off the streets, give them a reason to wake up, do something positive and realise that there are other options out there! If Tough Love had a swimming pool, what would you fill it with? Just happiness and good people. Let's just throw a party in the pool and have fun. You only live once, gotta enjoy it! 2017 / ISSUE 100 27 Tough Love are one of the biggest UK house success stories in recent years. They've not only struck it big in the mainstream charts with anthems like, 'So Freakin Tight' and 'Pony', this London based duo have kept themselves credible in the underground though their imprint 'Get Twisted'. They've sorted a number of high profile parties for 'Get Twisted', fitting as it's the labels 5th birthday, and are releasing an album, Past, Present, Future that aims to school you lot on exactly what Tough Love is. I recently spoke with Alex from Tough Love who shared the duo's plans for this year, told us how to survive manic summer seasons and the current state of clubbing in London. follow @rawdistrict HOUSE Arren Haynes | Guestlist "WE'RE MORE THAN JUST THOSE GUYS WHO MADE 'SO FRICKIN TIGHT', THERE'S A LOT MORE TO US."

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