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42 ISSUE 100 / 2017 INDIE Fearsome, relentless and invigorating. Honeyblood continue to fiercely impress. If you're a lover of the quirky, the odd and the irregular, you're going to be a lover of the Irregular Folks Summer Session. The two-piece made up of frontwoman Stina Tweeddale and drummer Cat Myers, have an unyielding nature to merge their softer, velvety sides with their rough rock and roll side, that make us all punk addicts. The outcome is ever gripping hooks that sway from punk rock to pop like melodic vocals. Catchy tune after catchy tune, and 'Walking at Midnight' there newest single is no stranger to this measure. The anthemic new single from their second LP, the critically lauded Babes Never Die, follows suit as the two Glaswegian girls marry creepy with their sweet attitude. This is a 1 day festival for those doing something different and thinking independently, whether that is art, music, poetry, comedy and film. This summer's Irregular Folks' Session takes over the stunning riverside grounds of The Victoria Arms, Old Marston & Oxfordshire. Most importantly there will be the Music Tent, hosted by Paul Foot and boasting the best line-up yet; with performances from the likes of Yorkston Thorne & Khan, GO DARK, Rozi Plain, Laura J Martin, Oly Ralfe, Dead Rat Orchestra & Jack Cheshire. Irregular doesn't even do headliners, giving each artist a fair wack at playing the same bill. Challenge your usual festival selection with this exciting & new festival this summer, on July the 1st. GUESTLIST RECOMMENDS: HONEYBLOOD EVENT REVIEW: THE WACKIEST INDIE EVENT OF THE YEAR- IRREGULAR FESTIVAL ARTIST OF THE MONTH: THUNDER DREAM As contrasting as their name, Thunder Dreamer have yet again towed the line between doom, gloom and utopian dream rock. The band's portrayal of optimism battling pessimism is felt physically and emotionally in their latest LP Capture. Many could describe Capture as the perfect driving music, the album's lyricism gives you a visual of a foreboding atmosphere of grey skies relinquished by a sense of hope, similar to the symbolic aroma painted on its album artwork. This ambience never leaves even a single track for a second. The tranquil riffs of 'You Know Me', matched with the choppy, quick fire lyrics "Bring 'em back, Heart attack, In the sprin," which is a common feature throughout the album, raises the tempo as well as our spirits. As the album grows, the title track 'Capture', slips into resonating synths with tender grips of strings to bring an airy lightness. The epic track then smashes back into the chorus, allowing Steve Hamilton's howling vocals to revive the tone of the album to a new, cheerful episode. This quality of a slow-burning sombre attitude fought with rugged pop tides ensures Thunder Dream's music is never lost in complete drudgery, yet still, hits all the soft notes in-between. Ultimately, Thunder Dream have succeeded in creating an album filled with heat, but which also is heartfelt and hypnotic. PLAYLIST Summer Mood Best Coast Human All We Are Ballenas de Ruido Da Pawn You're Welcome Wavves Here's the Indie on our playlist this month

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