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How many have died The fire claimed over 70 lives and with more people still missing, Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy has since said there is " a risk that sadly we may not be able to identify everybody." Of course, sufficient evidence must be gathered before the final numbers are released. Only more slowly will we come to find that the Grenfell fire disaster claimed more lives than Hillsborough, more lives than Manchester, in fact more lives than any terrorist attack since. How this could have been prevented Not much is actually known about what caused the fire in the first place but residents had previously complained about the "cheap material and corner cutting" in the block's refurbishment last summer. The Grenfell Action Group went on to say in a blog post that this was a "catastrophe" waiting to happen. According to an article on the Guardian, in the 1990's the home office received a "damning report" by architect Sam Webb, following his survey of hundreds of residential tower blocks. His study found that half of the buildings he inspected did not meet basic fire & safety regulations. Why the government is responsible To make matters worse in 2015 Conservative MP's voted against a new 'Housing and Planning Bill' which proposed a new rule that would have required landlords to make their buildings "fit for 8 ISSUE 100 / 2017 GUESTLIST On June the 14th in North Kensington, 45 fire engines and more than 200 firefighters tackled a blaze that had spread unexpectedly fast throughout Grenfell Tower, a 24 storey building. One mother of six only realised two of her children were missing once she got to the ground. Eyewitnesses also remember watching a mother throwing her baby out of the building on the 10th floor as the fire intensified, thankfully the baby was caught by a man below. GRENFELL TOWER FIRE: DOES THE GOVERNMENT HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS FEATURE

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