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Spring 2017

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Sidehacking into History S T O R Y & P H O T O S B Y E R I C D A E U B E R Left : Early morning on the dirt roads just south of four-lane Highway 401 in southern Ontario and you wouldn't know we weren't in Mother Russia. Above : Choosing a county road in Wisconsin labeled with a letter often means traffic-free riding and stunning views. Minnesota to New York via Siberia M any motorcyclists consider freeway speed limits to be a barrier. On a Ural, they're more like an accomplishment. But the thrill one feels at 75 mph on three wheels fades fast, and not much of life happens at that speed anyway. So less than a hundred miles of our 2,800-mile round-trip to the Niagara Peninsula took place on four-lane roads. Some of it didn't even happen on pavement. Our destination: the Niagara battlefields of the War of 1812 where, two centuries ago, America tried to invade Canada on and off for about two years. It was a confusing conflict but it left its mark on both countries. Americans painted the First House white, started singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" and were reminded "Don't give up the ship!" Canadians were told to "Fight on brave York Volunteers," won a famous battle thanks to Laura Secord and her fictional cow, and remained Canadian in spite of it all. www.FavoriteRidesAndDestinations.com | ridermagazine.com PAGE 47 SPRING 2017 ISSUE 01 / VOL. 02

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