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Spring 2017

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D U N LO P M O T O R C Y C LET I R E S . C O M Printable PDF here BROUGHT TO YOU BY DOWNLOAD MAP MAP BY BILL TIPTON/COMPARTMAPS.COM www.FavoriteRidesAndDestinations.com | ridermagazine.com PAGE 56 SPRING 2017 ISSUE 01 / VOL. 02 Three Hill Country Ranch Roads, 335, 336 and 337, are known throughout Texas as the Twisted Sisters, and riders come from near and far to enjoy them. For me it is near, just a short ride from my home to Sister 337. The first stop is usually in Bandera at the Old Spanish Trail Restaurant, better known to everyone as the OST. But we'll pass on it this morning, opting instead for Keese's Bar-B-Que in Medina, where pancakes and eggs give us a good start to the day. Keese's T-shirts have a rough map of the Three Sisters with the slogan, "A serious ride requires a serious breakfast!" So having had the breakfast, we are off on the ride. The first Sister we encounter is Ranch Road 337, which starts at the north edge of Medina. Following it west, we pass many beautiful ranches, one with its own landing strip and double-size hangar. As we move from the relatively straight stretches through the fields and into the first of many twisty sections, we are reminded by a highway sign that the Sisters are not to be taken lightly: "Caution Next 12 Miles, Since Jan. 2006, 10 Killed in Motorcycle Related Crashes." After about 20 miles, we come to a "T" intersection at the community of Vanderpoole. Right on Highway 187 for a mile brings us back to 337 again, and we turn left and head for Leakey and the next Sister, Ranch Road 336. Had we gone straight on 187 for Turtle (tortoise?) rescue! This big old guy, about 10 inches across, was getting ready to cross Highway 187 near Vanderpoole, Texas. We picked him up and took him across to help him on his way.

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