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1 Reporting and Dashboards Key Benefits See Every Dimension of Your Business More easily create reports, graphs, dashboards, and visualizations that analyze performance by business driver. When you use dimensions to tag transactions and store financial or operational data along with its business context, you will fundamentally improve your reporting—and get fast answers to your business questions. Sage Intacct Reporting and Dashboards includes ten built-in dimensions for capturing and reporting on business context. You can also create additional custom dimensions to track other business drivers. D a t a s h e e t Reporting and Dashboards When You Need to Know More—and Show It The pressure's on to expand the breadth, accuracy, and granularity of your financial and management reporting. Executives, investors, shareholders, auditors, and others want to know more than what's happened—they want to know why. And you want to surface this information quickly so your firm can correct problems or respond to opportunities before the moment is lost. Sage Intacct Reporting and Dashboards ensures you get the deep operational and business-performance insights that tell you why—and the real-time view that enables you to act today. Get the Rich Reports You Need— the Way You Want Them Create reports that go deeper by drawing on your combined financial and operational data. What's more, you can drill down to source transactions for immediate, granular details or easily view consolidated reports without waiting for period-end. With Sage Intacct, you can do it all without exporting data to a spreadsheet, writing custom scripts, or waiting on someone to customize reports. Take advantage of more than 150 pre-built accounting and financial reports—or build and customize your own reports right from within Sage Intacct. With flexible scheduling and delivery options, like email and cloud, you can get reports when you need them, where you need them.

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