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You decide what to pay and how to pay it—Sage Intacct and American Express take care of the details. Sage Intacct and American Express transform your accounts payable process to save time, cut costs, and reduce risk. Sage Intacct and American Express Vendor Payment Services enables you to earn rewards for vendor payments as you do with typical Card purchases. Rewards can be reinvested back into the business to contribute toward your bo om line. Track your payments in one place to streamline your workflow, which will make processes more efficient and save time and money. And with the backing of American Express, leverage the working capital of your Card to improve your cash flow with the peace of mind of the added security using virtual Card numbers. Vendor Payment Services Earn rewards for vendor payments while streamlining the accounts payable process Key benef its Simplicity and control for smarter payment management Processing payments doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming to keep you in control. Printing checks, managing bank ACH files, and ensuring credit card details aren't misused all create tedious busy work and increase risk to your organization. With Sage Intacct and American Express Vendor Payment Services, you can write and send checks with just a few clicks, set up ACH once without having to repeat it for all banks, and pay vendors with your American Express® Business or Corporate Card without sharing Card details. Sage Intacct and American Express automate your payments, saving you time and money while also reducing risk. Fast, self-service setup There's no need to change your bank and no need to wait for IT or bank customer service to setup Vendor Payment Services. Just select it on your Sage Intacct subscriptions page. You choose the services you want on the configuration page and set the options for vendors and bank accounts. You'll know you're ready to go when you receive a confirmation. Security comes first Built on the American Express Global Commercial Services infrastructure, Vendor Payment Services is secure from the ground up. Account information—transmi ed only once, during setup—is secure and encrypted. Worrying about improper Card charges is a thing of the past, since the number given to the vendor only works for the transaction you specify.

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