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110 • RV PRO • January 2018 rv-pro.com B U S I N E S S Make Needed Investments in F&I Training Ongoing education is essential for growth in the F&I office. Clarify if your F&I professional knows how to accu- rately figure out the maximum advance from the lenders. I have recently discovered that many of the F&I managers only read as far as F&I can be 15 percent of the amount financed. Well, what happens if the sales department did a great job in acquiring a large down-payment from the customer? How does that cash down affect the allowable F&I advance? With enough down-payment the lenders can and will make allow- ances for more F&I products. The end result is an increase in the bottom line for the finance depart- ment. Best business practice is to send your F&I team out of the store once a year for ongoing education. Have them get engaged in an F&I 20 Group. Jan Kelly, president Kelly Enterprises (consulting and training firm) Improve Technician Productivity One of the biggest opportunities for profit improvement in RV service departments is improving technician productivity. It makes no difference whether they are paid on clock hours worked or flat rate time – your technicians should be incentivized to produce more hours by increasing their hourly rate as their weekly productivity increases. By doing so the dealer is pro- tected from overpaying technicians who underperform while rewarding those who perform at a higher level. Don Reed, founder and co-CEO DealerPRO RV Training (consulting and training firm) Make Use of Available Resources Frequently, we reach for our wallets to resolve a need for our business; however, if we first consider the resources already avail- able within our organization, we could sometimes save money. Two examples of this are: 1. Storage equipment purchases: Before purchasing more equipment, consider if you are using the current equipment efficiently. Store items of similar heights on the same shelf. Use the entire depth of each shelf. 2. Involve your employees: Solicit employee input when considering solutions to the enhancements for the business. These are the people who work within the existing structure each day, so they are most likely to have ideas to enhance the operations; and, their solutions might not involve substantial expenditures. Mel Selway, president P.A.R.T.S. Inc. (consulting and training firm) Keep Your Customers for Life Dealers spend a lot of money to capture new customers. I advise that you install a process in your dealership to keep these new customers so that whenever they think of anything to do with RVing, they think of you, and come back to do business with you. Salespeople should have a defined sold customer follow-up pro- gram, and their managers need to have their own program to make sure the salespeople follow theirs. This is an investment of time for future business, and once it is in place, it will allow your business to sustain con- tinued growth. Michael Rees, president A World of Training (consulting and training firm) Note to Dealers: Safety Sells To increase profits in the service department, add one job task to each order. An easy subject to sell is safety. Choose a few safety-related job tasks. Get with all concerned: service advisors, parts personnel and service technicians, to help them prepare for these sales. Some suggested safety upsells are: pro- pane safety checks, 110VAC polarity and hot skin checks, brakes, bearing and sus- pension safety checks. There are others, but these few give you the idea. Gary Motley, trainer and consultant Offering expertise in parts and service Join a 20 Group If you aren't in a 20 Group, join now! I'm frequently amazed that what so many consider to be common knowledge – isn't. And here's a "bonus" – common sense isn't always common practice. Always be open to a common sense practical way to improve a process. Best practices are clearly identi- fied in 20 Groups by members who already solved many of the issues you face. Chuck Marzahn, principal Marzahn & King Consulting (consulting and training firm)

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