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120 • RV PRO • January 2018 rv-pro.com B U S I N E S S It's Time to Get Excited! The start of the selling season is a great time to sharpen sales practices related to consumer shows and to make final tweaks in staffing, facility, finances and stocking. By Chuck Marzahn Chuck Marzahn is a partner with Marzahn & King Consulting, a well- known consulting and training firm specializing in the RV industry in Virginia Beach, Va. He can be reached for comment and questions at Chuck@ MarzahnAndKing.com. As the new show season rolls around, dealers should be mindful of the fact that they are in the business of selling fun. F irst things first. As a follow-up to last m o n t h's c o l u m n , I w a n t t o l e t y o u know I sent Jim Quinn a copy of the article in which he was mentioned so fre- quently last month. He said it brought back many fond memories of that time and those people involved. Further, he let me know that I'm falling behind. It seems the service advertising game in automotive has become so advanced that one could only describe it as an organized and effec- tive multimedia campaign to compete for dollars spent on automotive maintenance. Quinn went on to describe well-defined social media and personal phone call strategies used to bring customers back to the dealership. Practitioners see it as keeping the customer in a relationship. I was totally convicted and, honestly, a bit ashamed. In our industry, we largely ignore main- tenance on RVs. And customers on the retail side are frequently treated as an inconvenience after the initial sale. But that's for a future column. Let's talk about what matters to so many dealers in January: It's about getting back into the swing of selling season. Shows are on the horizon. It's a time when we see the dawn of the new season with all its promise. It's when the training and strategic thinking we've done in the "off-season" begin to show results. Preparing for a Brand-New Selling Season If the thought of a brand-new selling season doesn't thrill you, you might need a checkup from the neck up.

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