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rv-pro.com January 2018 • RV PRO • 53 "This is a fantastic way of promoting the unsung heroes of the RV industry, the guy keeping the customer on the road and enjoying the lifestyle," said Sharonne Lee, RVIA's senior director of education. The men moved rapidly, their eyes targeted X-ray beams into the items, deducing what was wrong with each part. Out of them all, however, Galbreath from Alabama had this savant-like focus. As a pilot, he's extraordinarily analytical, running through each step of a flight route in his head before taking off. "I visualize each step of the way," he said. "'What am I going to do here? If I find this, what do I do?'" Synapses firing, he noticed what tools RVIA had supplied him for each station. By analyzing that, he gathered a sense of what may be wrong. His first product was the refrigerator. "It was sparking," Galbreath said after the challenge, holding the silver Top Tech trophy cup in his giant arm, "but it wouldn't light on propane." After taking the proper steps (verifying there was propane and that the coil had 12 volts, etc.), he moved to the next station before two minutes had gone by. So, will he come back next year? "If they'll have me," he said with a smile. On the Show Floor Outside magazine-sponsored Outside Lifestyle Pavilion also made its debut at the trade show. At Outside and Go RVing's booth, Forest River's No Boundaries and TAXA's Cricket were parked in a faux campground display. The youthfulness could not be denied as a Bob Dylan vinyl Brandon Galbreath (above center) with D&N RV Service emerged victorious in the Top Tech Challenge to claim the $10,000 prize. He was one of three finalists who competed in the challenge, diagnosing faulty water heaters, 12- volt batteries and refrigerators. Grand Design President Don Clark explains how his company distinguishes itself from competitors during an informal presentation at the show. Slackline athletes balanced on a rope in front of the Outside magazine display area.

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