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2017 / ISSUE 105 9 GUESTLIST GOOD EGGS Big businesses, the wealthy and political figures have been exposed to having protected their wealth in secret tax havens. This newly found evidence is being called the 'Paradise Papers'. These leaked details came from over 13 million exposed files of tax misconduct, that was being allowed to thrive with ridiculously complex systems that allowed wealthy corporations and the rich to legally protect their money without the hassle of taxes. This information was obtained by German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and shared by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. The paradise papers revealed shocking details on the Queen's private estate that had been placed in the Cayman Island fund, with more than a little going towards a retailer accused of exploiting vulnerable workers. Nike and Apple have also come under fire with leaks of tax avoidance, along with other wealthy corporations. Mrs. Brown's Boys actors Patrick Houlihan, Martin and Fiona Delany have also been exposed for transferring their wages into companies in Mauritius; and sending their money back as loans. Futhermore, even celebrity British racing driver Lewis Hamilton avoided VAT payment on his private jet by using the Isle of Man as a tax haven, which provided him with a tax relay of £3 million in return. In the meantime Jeremy Corbyn has called for an inquiry on individual companies dodging taxes. But until our rich and powerful are held accountable these tax havens will continue to provide the wealthy with a way out. Hackers have revealed a murky underworld of tax evaders, those involved include heads of state, political figures, entertainers and sportsmen. PARADISE PAPERS: QUEEN ELIZABETH, APPLE, NIKE & MORE EXPOSED IN THE TAX LEAK OF THE YEAR SMELLS DODGY The Al-Shifa Clinic which means "Cure" in Arabic, was founded in 2000 in San Bernardino, one of the poorest areas of California, and treats a majority of non-Muslim patients. Dr Talant Khan, director of the clinic explains this wasn't about helping a particular religious group: "It does not have to be the Muslim community because most of the people we see are Hispanic and people of other faiths. We want to help them out. Our religion tells us that we should take care of under- served." For those that don't know, charity plays a massive part in Muslim life and 'zakat' (which means charity) is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The volunteer doctors who work at the clinic are all US citizens who arrived in the US as refugees or immigrants, and they stress the importance of this free service for those unable to afford health care in the city. Largely relying on donations, as long as donors continue to come forward, they can continue to help those who are in need of medical services but don't have the money or necessary medical insurance. The doctors also help newly qualified medical students who work as interns at the charity based clinic. For many patients who simply can't afford treatment, the clinic is nothing short of a miracle. In the heat of the political turmoil and ever present religious segregation within the US and wider world, these Muslim doctors run a clinic that gives free health care to those in need, no matter their religious faith or affiliation. MUSLIM DOCTORS PROVIDE FREE HEALTH CARE IN US

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