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REAL MEDIA 2017 / ISSUE 105 11 DRIVING CHANGE – WHY WE NEED TO RETHINK TRANSPORT Hannah Gardiner: The main drivers of air pollution in cities is transport. It comes down to stuff being transported. We're now in the age of the internet - delivery consolidations, electric delivery trucks, these kind of things are definitely the way forward. And then you have public transport emissions. If everyone was using public transport, it would be better because we'd have less vehicles on the road. However, again, this is like a fleet where there's a lot of scope for potentially updating things that could and should be done. Mobility is going to change; it's just going to change. The technology is coming, it's here, it's being tested, it's just about how it's going to be implemented. For example, in Norway, you now have 35% of people using electric cars. And that was due to a progressive policy around vehicle taxation around clever investment and infrastructure to ensure that there were charging points everywhere so people could make that transfer without worrying. In terms of people making decisions themselves, that's more tricky and I think it's going to be generational. Cars being a status symbol; the convenience of moving in that way, I think once you're in it, it's very hard to change. I think that the next generation coming in are the people who, the expected trend is shared ownership instead of owning things yourself, convenience is looked at in a completely different way. That's such a mind-set, I think it's going to be hard for people who have done the same thing for 20 or 30 years. In terms of policy, the national planning and policy framework needs to take air pollution into account a lot more. Because what needs to happen is people need to make different decisions. Businesses needs to do business differently. And you need the infrastructure to back it up. The national planning and policy framework taking air pollution more seriously would be a good start into shaping that infrastructure. The biggest driver of air pollution in the UK is transport – we spoke to Hannah Gardiner from Air Public about what needs to change

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