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12 ISSUE 105 / 2017 GUESTLIST YOUR SURVIVAL GUIDE TO LIFE FOLLOW @GUESTLISTDOTNET Using their usual bullying tactics Tory MPs once again disregarded the vote for 16-year-olds after debating and shouting for 95 minutes, causing the amount of time for the debate to be reduced. As a result, the Deputy speaker ruled it wouldn't be right to force the vote, considering the importance of the subject and the short amount of time left to debate. Between having to interrupt fellow MPs in the heckling to remind them that "this is not a football match!" Tories have for years now, been patronising young people, claiming they don't have 'political knowledge or maturity required'. Of course, they should stick to childish things like being able to get married, pay taxes, leave care, join the army, give medical consent, pay prescriptions, be detained. The legal list is endless. The only thing they can't do is vote. Politically speaking this stems from Tory insecurity among young voters, who on the whole never really vote Conservative. And it would be political suicide for the Tories to allow 16-year-olds (the future of the nation) to have a say in how the country is run. We can't let them win this. Votes for 16-year-olds was blocked by Tory MPs without an actual vote in the Farcical House of Commons. 16-YEAR-OLDS SHOULD STICK TO GETTING MARRIED AND PAYING TAXES This can sometimes lead to awkward questioning and outright rude comments. So if family feuds are what you want to avoid this Xmas why not conjure up a truly deceiving concoction of lies and misdirection, to fool the average drunk uncle and aunty. Here are some of our suggestions: 1. Where are you living at the moment? Owning your own home is the epitome of adulthood, and what's better than making yourself look like a responsible adult this Xmas. I mean if your overgrown beard is not convincing enough maybe add a mortgage to the mix and if family members call bullshit, maybe divert the conversation onto that crazy cousin of yours. 2. So are you currently in a relationship? If promiscuity is your way of dealing with commitment issues (wink wink), then there's no need to punish yourself over Christmas with personal and sometimes intrusive questioning from your not so perfect relatives. This is where your little black book comes into the equation, maybe scout out some old flames willing to accompany you in your endeavours. However, if a female appearance cannot be made as in some cases, technology is one way of deceiving your nearest and dearest, a couple of snapshots with unsuspecting victims... I mean friends may help seem as if Cupid has finally hit you. 3. Are you working? If the unfortunate question of employment is to come up (which it will) come prepared, no athlete ever came to a competition without the odd steroid boost (yes Russia I'm looking at you), same rules apply for pathological liars. Write notes beforehand, where you might ask? Well, hands and knees make good replacements for paper. Basically, where ever you can write notes should do fine. Bar job? Why not, could be a recreation of Coyote Ugly minus the pay or approving whistles. 3 QUESTIONS THAT YOU MIGHT NEED TO LIE ABOUT THIS XMAS Family members know what buttons to press when it comes to your personal life, they just don't seem to have a filter or awareness of one's feelings.

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