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2017 / ISSUE 105 7 NEWS Harrowing footage obtained by CNN showed African migrants trying to get to Europe via Libya being put up for sale to the highest bidder and being kept under inhumane conditions. They were, very sadly, clearly referred to as "merchandise" and "big strong boys for farm work" in the footage. In response to the unsettling footage going viral, a large group of protestors, including several UK celebrities and well known musicians, gathered outside the Libyan Embassy, which as seen in the video below was closed on the day. Libya has been in a state of chaos ever since the killing of Gaddafi as authorised by Obama and celebrated by Hilary Clinton in 2011. The resulting instability within the country has since led to an ongoing civil war that has taken many lives as well as the recently reported slave trade. The 'civilised' western world and its journalists have a responsibility as decent human beings to keep on reporting, to keep putting pressure on our governments to act against these sorts of terrible occurence every week, not just on a Saturday when everyone's off work and can conveniently march. Until organisations like the UN and EU start to listen and act to end this pre-historic barbarism, the pressure needs to be constant. In the meantime, the UK awaits for Parliment's decision on the petition calling on the UK government to add pressure on Libya to put an end to its slave trade. On Saturday 9th December, protestors took to the streets of London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow to march against the enslavement of African migrants and refugees in Libya. WORLD NEWS Helen Rathmill is just one of the 600 people in the UK opening their guest rooms to homeless young people through Nightstop. An emergency accommodation service run by Depaul UK. A UN report shows that children as young as 12 are required to attend public executions in North Korea. 86-year- old veteran raised over £100,000 for charity after a chance meeting with NHS manager Paula Modeste who tweeted and posted about the veteran. Toyota plans to open a renewable power & hydrogen plant fueled by cattle manure as part of the Tri-Gen project. It will produce enough energy to meet the driving demands of nearly 1,500 vehicles. Trump calls Jerusalem the capital of Israel to further the Israeli agenda. But it also works to erase "Palestinians as a political and cultural presence" from their own city. NIGHTSTOP NORTH KOREA JEFFREY LONG TOYOTA DONALD TRUMP OFF KEY ON POINT ON POINT ON POINT OFF KEY WHO'S ON OR OFF KEY THIS MONTH? @guestlistdotnet GOOD NEWS Drones drop blood and save thousands of lives Rwanda's poor infrastructure means ground deliveries of blood to medical facilities take hours. Make that minutes now, due to Zipline's medical drone delievery system. The compa- ny introduced the sky ambu- lance to the nation using a small, unmanned aircraft deployed from a distribution centre - delivering blood to 14 rural medical centres. It started back in October 2016 and a year on it has made over 1,400 flights transporting 2,600 units of blood. Chinese scientists roll out world's first hydrogen powered tram The commercial tram is powered by hydrogen fuel cells and emits zero emissions, producing only water. The newly designed vehicle operates in Tangshan city, one of China's earliest industrial cities. So far costs to run the hydrogen-powered tram are significantly cheaper as the tram can be refueled with hydrogen in 15mins and can run for 40 kilometers at a maximum speed of 70 km per hour. London buses swap out diesel for coffee-based biofuel Six thousand litres of oil extract- ed from ground coffee waste is being used to fuel buses all over London for a whole year. The renewable fuel will mean that instead of sending tonnes of waste coffee grounds to landfills, "where it degrades and releases methane and CO2" it will be recy- cled. By replacing traditional fuel with biofuel it will reduce carbon emissions from buses by 10 to 15 per cent. POST ANTI-SLAVERY MARCH - HERE IS THE OUTRAGE!

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