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Kazzi's approach to nutrition extends to the art of food styling. With a passion for photography, she now has one primary objective in her career. "I want to make healthy food look so beautiful and taste so palatable you won't even believe it's actually tofu and oats," said Kazzi. "You eat with your eyes first, and sometimes a doughnut might actually look a lot more appetizing than a grapefruit, but note, you can probably say the rudest thing in the kindest way and someone won't even realize you're insulting them. Get the picture? It's all about one thing --presentation." These ideas have inspired Kazzi to create a website called TheEarthlyCanvas. com. "It's not just "another obsessed foodie with a DSLR camera," says Kazzi. "It's a unique place where a credentialed health professional explores self-made and original recipes with natural healthy ingredients all while expressing it through the fabulous art of photography and food styling. It's almost like a laboratory cookbook, most of the recipes shown on the page I will have made and tasted for the first time. With me, visitors are exploring new territory with reviews on the surprisingly pleasing results." As an example, Beet and Cashew Alfredo for dinner, followed by no- bake cheesecake made from Tofu definitely doesn't sound appetizing. The images, however, draw your attention to the recipes. After absorbing the ingredients, the simplicity of making some of these dishes, and how good they look in her photos, one can't help but to consider trying them. Keep in mind, they are good for you too! Fay Kazzi is currently a PhD candidate in Rehabilitation Science at Loma Linda University. She also teaches nutrition at Cal Baptist University and has her own consulting corporation called FK Nutrition Consulting Inc. On the side, Fay has recently picked up healthy cooking and food photography and enjoys blogging on her page "TheEarthyCanvas" found on Facebook and Instagram. NO-BAKE VEGAN STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE For desert, this strange but good-tasting twist on strawberry cheesecake will taste heavenly, and is much easier to make. Oil a cupcake pan and add your beautiful contents into it. Chill in freezer for one hour, then flip-n-serve! CHEESECAKE: blend together • Tofu • Coconut milk • Vanilla soy milk • Powdered sugar • Blossom syrup • Lemon • Lemon zest CRUST: blend together • Graham crackers (Yup, accidentally vegan) • Walnuts • Coconut oil • Cane sugar 19 DiGEST THIS

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