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YOFiMeter www.yofimeter.com It's important for those managing diabetes to stay proactive, and that's where the YOFiMeter comes in. The YOFiMeter enables people living with diabetes to wirelessly transmit their blood sugar levels, biometric data, and voice notes to caregivers and providers using a secure network with AT&T. AT&T and YOFiMeter reached an agreement in early 2016 to establish communication for those that require constant testing and monitoring. According to YOFiMeter, "Today's blood glucose meters require multiple steps to take a basic blood glucose reading. Repeating the process multiple times per day makes it cumbersome, enticing consumers to skip tests." YOFiMeter accomplishes this in seconds without all the steps, and makes it as easy as pulling the device out of your pocket. It's ready anytime, anywhere. It is offered to those that want to manage their diabetes. Smaller, but thicker than an early generation iPhone, the YOFiMeter has two cassettes inside it; one with 20 test strips and another with 20 lancets. One button activates the system. The touch screen and recording device that's built-in does away with the need for manual number logging. Nima nimasensor.com Nima is a sensor type device for those that wish to avoid gluten, tests your foods (soups, sauces, fried items, or baked goods) before you sit down to eat. Nima is a tiny food sampler that can analyze food in about two minutes, to tell you if your food contains 20 ppm or more of gluten in its chemical makeup. Nima's one-time-use capsules are "pre- loaded with a proprietary chemistry" and the device is ready to go at every meal. The best news is that there is no cleaning, re-setting, or refilling necessary. According to the manufacturer, "You simply grab a new capsule for every test." What we liked most about Nima is its size. It's small enough to fit in your pocket or purse and inconspicuous enough to be used on vacations, business meals, or wherever you are eating. The heart and soul of Nima is the large data-base of information that allows the user to see what other users are testing, as well as sharing your own tests, all in an effort to stay one step ahead of gluten intake. Designed in San Francisco, California by a team from MIT, Stanford, Google, and Nike, Nima retails around $199. Currently, Nima can only test for gluten, but tests are in development to determine whether your food contains peanuts, milk or soy products too. 7 DiGEST THIS

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