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March 2018

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Machinery, Plant & Vehicles New product launches and case studies Page 32-34 Weed & Pest Control The latest products and industry news Page 13-16 Product News EMAIL: 03 03 READER ENQUIRY 4 L a n d s c a p e & A m e n i t y w w w . l a n d s c a p e a n d a m e n i t y. c o m March 2018 Special Feature Professional Groundscare supplement CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! 0% FINANCE AVAILABLE* RANGER DIESEL HD *Ɨ Subject to terms and conditions and credit approval. Finance available for new Polaris Utility ATVs, UTVs, Sport and Leisure excluding Youth. Finance offer ends 31st March 2018. Please contact your local Polaris dealer for details. • 2 years 0% finance available with 2 + 22 monthly payments on 80% of retail price* • 2 year warranty Ɨ • Datatag "CESAR" security fi tted as standard • Premium roof and poly rear panel cab components included in price FROM £12,299 EX VAT Stourhead location courtesy of the National Trust Vehicle shown with optional accessories Figures from the Local Government Information Unit's annual review of local council finance, released last week, show some worrying signs for the UK's parks and green spaces, says the Fields In Trust. C o m i n g j u s t d a y s a f t e r N o r t h a m p t o n s h i r e C o u n t y Council "raised a red flag" indicating a likely budget shortfall in the current year and an inability to set a balanced budget for 2018/19, the LGIU report demonstrates that this troubling situation is widespread and could affect as many as one in ten councils who will be unable to cover the costs of delivering their statutory services. "But cutting parks budgets is a false economy – our recent research demonstrates that access to parks and green space makes a net contribution to the exchequer by improving public health and wellbeing; reducing GP visits and consequently NHS Raising the financial red flag on green spaces For smaller hectare users looking to purchase a new compact tractor in 2018, Kubota UK has a new and improved B Series range that will leave them spoilt for choice. The market leading manufacturer of groundcare equipment has introduced its new B1 (standard spec) and B2 Series (premium spec) tractors, which supersede its existing B Series range of compact tractors. Adrian Langmead, Groundcare Business Development Manager for Kubota UK, said: "The launch of the B1 and B2 Series is all about evolution not revolution. "Our B Series has been one of the most popular compact tractors on the market for years based on its performance, reliability, comfort Kubota updates B Series compact tractors The University of Greenwich Green Roofs and Living Walls Centre and the Department of Architecture and Landscape have revealed details of the ABC: Activating Biophilic Cities London Conference on 4-5 September 2018. The aim of this conference is to bring together academics, built environment professionals (architects, planners, landscape a r c h i t e c t s , e n v i r o n m e n t a l specialists etc.), educational a n d h e a l t h p r o f e s s i o n a l s in order to share the latest research and best practice in biophilic design and to kick- start the pace of change towards holistically providing healthy places and spaces that improve the quality of life for people in our cities. The event will consist of keynote addresses by eminent experts Conference to consider the ABC of biophilic cities spending," says Fields in Trust chief executive Helen Griffiths. "Local authority expenditure on their health and wellbeing board responsibilities will rise if the local population loses access to parks and green spaces. And once a park is lost, it is lost forever. "In recent years a significant amount of money has been invested in parks by the Heritage Lottery Fund - Fields in Trust worked with HLF to get protection of these parks through our legal Deed of Dedication into their funding advice - ensuring that significant investment is protected, and these restored parks and green spaces will always be available for public recreation. The recent news that HLF has closed its dedicated "Parks for People" greenspace funding stream adds extra pressure to an already difficult funding environment. "The reduction in maintenance makes a park less attractive to visit and makes the argument for closure easier when a valuable local asset is little used by the community. "This continuing spiral of decline sees not only a reduction in maintenance and support of green spaces but an increasing demand for volunteers to step in and carry out what little upkeep is possible." Fields in Trust Enquiry 1 and ability to cross different markets. The B1 and B2 Series capitalise on this even further, with a host of enhanced features to benefit our end-user customers. "The premium B2 Series builds on from the industry leading B50 Series. The four new models, ranging from 20-31kw, boast a wide range of features, including Kubota's unique Bi-speed turn. "The range also includes a rear 3-point hitch for substantial lifting capacity across a wide range of implements." Kubota Enquiry 2 and peer reviewed papers on the principles and practice of biophilic design. Workshops will be used to develop a Biophilic City Framework which will facilitate the widespread adoption of the principles of biophilic design. Eighty-one per cent of the UK's population currently live in urban areas, estranged from nature, an essential element for good health. Biophilic design aims to reconnect humankind with nature, sustaining a physical r e l a t i o n s h i p i n o r d e r t o improve overall environmental conditions (e.g. purifying water, detoxifying air pollution, increasing biodiversity etc.) as well as improving well-being, mental and physical health and improving productivity in offices, schools, hospitals and in the home. Natural elements such as street trees and planting have been a feature of cities for hundreds of years. Today the ecosystem services that city vegetation delivers, through avenues, parks and gardens, urban forests, green roofs and living walls, are well known and largely celebrated. The necessity for clean air, natural light, sunlight, natural materials and plants are also a prerequisite for health and wellbeing outside our buildings as well as inside. By increasing nature and n a t u r a l e l e m e n t s i n d o o r s , sick building syndrome will become a thing of the past. University of Greenwich Enquiry 3 There are around 6,000 friends of parks groups across the UK who help look after the UK's much-loved parks and green spaces. "But not every one of the UK's 27,000 parks has a committed band of volunteers – and those that do are often in the affluent areas where access to green space is not at a premium in the same way it is in some urban districts," says Helen Griffiths. "Just as the financial investment in parks and green spaces should be protected, the physical investment - the time and effort of local volunteers - should also be recognised by securing these parks and green spaces for the communities who love and care for them. "Parks and green spaces in the UK are under threat and it is up to all of us to stem this cycle of disappearance and decline." Green Roofs & Living Walls The innovation behind the products Page 12

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