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As a medical equipment installation and repair technician and business owner, Ernie Kirschner has traveled the world and met hundreds of people. Back in 2016, Ernie Kirschner stopped by a research lab to catch up with one of the kindest, most supportive clients he had ever had. He was surprised to learn that his friend wasn't there—he had taken early retirement and was battling lymphoma. Instead of heading home to Connecticut, Ernie looped north to visit his friend who was recovering from the chemo treatment that was no longer helping him. Ernie then learned the story. Despite aggressive treatment, his friend's cancer had persisted. There was one option left: a clinical trial at Memorial Sloan Kettering. The prospect of long drives, extended stays in Manhattan, and even more treatment beyond that overwhelmed his friend. The timing was uncanny for Ernie, who had recently made a personal commitment to showing more kindness and impacting more lives. If his friend pursued the trial, he said, he'd drive him to MSK (a 16-hour round trip), open his home—whatever was needed. The Journey Begins In January of 2017, under the care of MSK hematologic oncologist Dr. Craig Sauter, Ernie's friend began chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell immunotherapy, a new form of treatment that gives a patient's infection-fighting T cells the information they need to attack cancer cells. Within a month, Dr. Sauter had good news: The tumors were shrinking. Reflecting on the Future Spring 2018 | For Friends of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center inside: A Gift With Meaning | New Tax Law and Charitable Giving Ernie Kirschner's gift to MSK honors the care team who helped his friend recover at an MSK outpatient clinic. Finding Hope on the Journey of a Lifetime The Extra Mile Continued on Page 2 MSK hematologic oncologist Dr. Craig Sauter treated Ernie's friend using CAR T cell therapy.

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