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June '18

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • June 2018 • 27 all types of cerebral signs and graphics that could be used for important meet- ings and meeting rooms. A most recent example of my own personal experience comes from a non- profit entity that wanted to re-brand itself, then apply the new brand to their signs and print assets. With the rela- tionship established and a reputation as a brand expert in tact, we were invited to work on the entire project from logo to signs. For a logo, they selected one that was simple, strong, and smart while complimenting the new name; Cancer Resources for Elkhart County. Using the first two letters of the first two words in the name, the word CARE emerges to reflect their primary purpose and mis- sion. From there, a new tag line was care- fully crafted; Caring Through Your Journey. By the way, they paid us for the smart design services first, then again for the upgrades and changes to all their signs. Another recent project involved help- ing craft a theme and look for a trade show booth display that the client was going to exhibit at a home builder expo. They also happen to be a non-profit can- cer organization affiliated with a regional healthcare provider. Again, the relation- ship and reputation made the client think of us as their first choice to help. Ribbon of Hope works with adult cancer patients by providing a number of services. The home builder show would allow them the opportunity to connect their brand to over 5,000 attendees. A meeting was setup to explore ideas on how to connect the organization's brand to the theme of the expo where people would be attending to meet a variety of home builder and yard service providers. For a booth theme, we came up with taking care of your home can mean so much more than the bricks and mortar because cancer can enter any home at any time. Then we produced signs, graphics and magnets to match the theme. The show was a big success for them. These are just two examples of how we worked with the client proac- tively and helped provide solutions that involved design thought, not just waiting for the client to tell us what sort of sign they wanted. These projects were on the smaller side. We have applied the same process on a much larger scale, from including entire interior environments where we conveyed the organization's values and innovation through unique wall displays, to activating a section of a city's down- town with artistic signs and graphics that included wrapping electrical boxes and light posts and producing large murals for the exterior walls of buildings, all with cerebral signage and creative mes- sages that took a brand to interesting new levels. The world is becoming smarter and more visual by the day. So whatever you want to call it—smart, intelligent, cere- bral—by bringing it into your designs, signs, and graphics, you can grow your business and build impressions. SDG

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