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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • June 2018 • 57 Enhance The laminate you choose also enhances the graphics. In short, it makes your wrap look better. This can be taken a step further by choosing a specialty laminate that also adds a level of texture or sparkle. Check out 3 M's 8900 laminates which are available in Carbon Fiber, Brushed and five Sparkle options. The carbon fiber and brushed metal can be used over digitally printed or 1080 color change films to give the color or design under- neath a carbon fiber or brushed metal finish. The Sparkle laminates are also used over colored films or printed graphics and each option will accent the image or film color. The sparkle films are avail- able in Sunburst Gold, Ruby Red, Mystic Silver, Starry Silver and Frosty Silver. Each option works well with different color tones. These laminates are recommended for use on wraps and fleet graphics and come in 60" width rolls. With a max stretch of 130 percent they work well with premium wrap vinyl. View Thru Every once in awhile we'll see per- forated view thru graphics that another shop hasn't laminated. Often, the holes will be full of dirt and the graphics will look battered. All of the same protection and enhancement rules apply to perforated view thru films. You just have to be sure that you use an optically clear overlami- Specialty laminates, like 3M's 8900 series, can accent your vehicle wrap vinyl with texture and sparkle. We keep pre- printed decals on hand to label each of our laminate rolls.

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