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June '18

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58 • June 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S WRAPS DIGITAL GRAPHICS nate that is paired with the perforated film you're using. The optically clear laminate will still allow the driver to see out from the inside but keeps dirt and water from clogging the holes and decreasing vis- ibility. The laminate also enhances the color and looks of the print while offer- ing the same protection against UV dam- age and abrasion. Tips and Tricks Since we laminate all of our printed graphics, we need to keep our workflow efficient because the graphics need to be printed, dried, and then laminated and finished. Anytime steps are added to the process it can slow down your workflow. Being organized eliminates issues and keeps you efficient. Here are some tips to smooth out the process. Store rolls of laminate right next to your laminator—avoid dragging heavy rolls any further than necessary. Label your rolls clearly so that you don't accidentally laminate your wrap film with the wrong laminate. We keep them simple—Premium Wrap Laminate, Luster Wrap Laminate, Optically Clear Laminate, Transit Laminate, etc. Create drying racks to give your vinyl plenty of time to completely out gas and dry before lamination. We use metal wall racks that are designed to hold rolls of vinyl. These keep our drying media rolls up off the ground and out of the way. Laminate your graphics in groups when possible to avoid wasted time changing out laminate rolls. If you need to laminate a spot graphic or smaller section of vinyl, cutting the laminate off the roll and applying it to the graphic in a section may be more efficient. We lay the section of lami- nate over the printed vinyl section, tape it smoothly along one edge and run it through the laminator. Handle your vinyl rolls with gloves when moving vinyl to the printer, from the printer to the drying racks and from the drying racks to the laminator. We use inexpensive lint free gloves to avoid fingerprints. Use a soft edge or felt lined squee- gee when applying unmasked laminated graphics to minimize scratches. Use heat on gloss laminated graphics to remove light scratches. SDG Suppliers offer a wealth of information online which will help you choose the right laminate for your application. Let's Talk Shop CONTINUED

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