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June '18

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • June 2018 • 65 to produce a thinner and lighter magnet that addresses two potential challenges with magnet signage. The micro-suc- tion silicon layer on the back helps to reduce magnet particle migration while it increases the holding force of the mag- net, keeping it from sliding, she says. M A G b o n d i s A d a m s ' m a g n e t - receptive printing material. It comes in 50-inch, 54-inch or 60-inch widths depending on the client's choice of white paper, PET laminate or canvas sheets. PET offers a brighter white point. The material works with all flexible magnet sheeting and most existing magnetic wall systems, she adds. FlexMag Industries in Marietta, Ohio, offers a different take on the 30-milli- meter magnet that can be used for car signage. Instead of laminating a 4-mil- limeter vinyl on top of the 30-millimeter magnet, its FlexCoat- EZ has a durable printable coating applied directly to the magnet. "That accomplishes a couple of things," says Steve McLevey, cus- tomer service and product manager for FlexMag Industries, a division of Arnold Magnetics. "It's the same amount of mag- net, the same holding force, but you don't have 4-millimeters of thickness the vinyl puts on there. Instead of a 34-millimeter magnet, it is closer to 30." That helps with the clearance on wide-format printers. "By eliminating the vinyl with adhe- sive, you eliminate the potential of curl- ing. You are not marrying two substrates together," he says. It also eliminates cut- ting issues. On magnets with vinyl lami- nated on top, the adhesive can gum up the blades. Cutting vinyl on magnet can also dull the blades which can cause the vinyl to become ragged. "With the FlexCoat product, that doesn't happen," McLevey says. Flex Coat- E Z is available magnetized or unmagnetized in a standard roll or in custom sheet and roll sizes. FlexCoat-EZ works well with eco- solvent, UV, and latex ink systems. It also works with both flatbed digital printers, wide-format and screen printers. It also works well in both indoor and outdoor applications. "You tell us what your printer is, and we will tell you the product that fits it. We recommend the products that work best with the printers," he says. FlexMag Industries has over 8,000 active specifications for magnets. They can be used for car signage, business car magnets, schedules, write on/wipe off boards, menu boards and more technical uses, like medical drapes, security, hold- ing applications or sensor applications. The write on/wipe off boards are coated with a material that is receptive to dry erase or wet erase markers. SDG Using magnets for vehicle graphics is an easy and inexpensive option for your customers. (Photo courtesy of Master Magnetic) STAY ON TRACK WITH MAGNUM Magnum Magnetics ® is the largest manufacturer of flexible magnets in the United States, including printable magnetic sheeting and magnetic rolls, magnetic strip, and extruded magnets. For nearly three decades, we have manufactured flexible magnets for a variety of applications and industries, including commercial printing, wide-format signage and graphics, engineering/OEM, retail craft and office products, and more. Our flexible magnets are made in the U.S. and can be seen all over the world! Read More About Our Premiere Printable Magnets 800.258.0991 Proud to be part of

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