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26 • RV PRO • June 2018 rv-pro.com O R I G I N A L E Q U I P M E N T "We're becoming more than just the 'step guys,'" Snyder says. The mattress has undergone testing and certification, and will be introduced to OEs to have the product available as either an option or original equipment. It offers features that many people have at home. However, adjustable beds can be cumbersome in RVs because storage space is lost underneath the mattress with a traditional adjustable bed setup. "Our product has all of the adjustments contained within the mattress. RVers can gain the features of an adjustable bed without sacrificing storage space that's at a premium," he says. "It brings the features and functionality of the home into the RV that's an upgrade for fervent RV owners." He adds that HSM also manufactures mechanisms for hide- a-bed sofas for RVs, which are distributed from its Elkhart facility. The company also has begun promoting new LED lighting for its steps for safety and aesthetic reasons, for both the after- market and OEs. "It's a new venture for us that will allow customization to our steps," Snyder says. "We're developing illumination products that fit our current steps, then we'll look toward expanding that capability in the market for the OEs for install at the point of manufacturing. The reality that we're seeing is RV owners are aging and we need to be able to respond and adapt to their developing needs as they get older. People are also individualizing their RVs and lighting is one way to do that – RVing is also becoming more of a year-round activity. We want to make sure we're responding effectively to market studies." Serving the OE & Aftermarket HSM is primarily associated with supplying RV manufac- turers, although there is a significant amount of aftermarket sales in partnership with other companies, according to Snyder. Aftermarket companies are more adept at shipping Shelly Corner checks her records to ensure the accuracy of a customer's order as her fellow employees look on. HSM has a strong focus on quality control.

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