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rv-pro.com June 2018 • RV PRO • 27 individual steps, whereas HSM's systems are designed to ship out larger quantities. HSM recently had a three-year agreement with Lippert Com- ponents that HSM exited after nearly two years. Today, HSM primarily partners with Stromberg Carlson and eTrailer. "We receive calls and inquiries from dealers and individuals on a constant basis," Snyder says, adding that HSM recently upgraded its website to make it easier for customers to reach out, ask questions and find information. "We're making it better for all of our customers – from manufacturers to dealers to individuals – to get the information they need, quickly and efficiently." HSM receives inquiries and responses through its web- site on a daily basis. By making the customer experience easier and more streamlined, it allows the company to service them quicker. Among the top inquiries, by far and away, are replacements, Snyder says. Steps can be pulled off by hitting a curb or rock because it wasn't folded up, or they might be 20 years old and customers want to replace them. "Sometimes a customer is getting older and they want to replace a double-step with a triple-step," Snyder says. "It's typically those types of replacement or improvement questions that we primarily receive, and we'll get all the information they need for a solution." Replacements can be sent direct from HSM or from one of its aftermarket distributor partners, depending on where the customer is located to help them save on cost. "We'd rather have one of our partners get the sale, and they really appreciate that," he says. The company recently spent a full day at one of its aftermarket distributors, training all of its customer service representatives on such matters as most common customer questions asked, where and how to search for the required information and the appropriate answers. HSM also worked with service techs so they are now as informed and knowl- edgeable as HSM is. "They really provide value to us," Snyder says. "We maintain a high level of positive relationships with our customers with a high level of integrity, honesty and trans- parency, so that they feel more like they're partners. We want to work with them to make sure that we are addressing their concerns in a timely manner. Our sales teams are in the field daily, constantly interacting, asking questions and following up on any issues that might be out there within a day's time. "We're a customer-orientated organization that realizes our success depends on our customers' success, our willingness to support them and help them grow," he adds. "Their growth will eventual trickle down to growth for HSM." RVPro_Jun2018_powerprofits.indd 1 5/3/18 5:06 PM

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