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34 • RV PRO • June 2018 rv-pro.com D E A L E R S all customer files, record keeping documents, check books, all titles and MSOs from the manufacturers." Only the existing building's outer walls and interior studs were salvaged; the rest of the building's interior was a total loss. All parts, tools, supplies, furniture, computers, etc. were flooded. On the lot, all of the trailers (about 90 total) including service units were deemed a total loss. "We did have flood insurance," says Bobby Sherrod. "But that doesn't cover everything. You find out when you have a catastrophe like this what insurance does not cover." He men- tioned things like damage to the sign, the fence and business interruption to the adjusters. "And they say, 'That covers wind and storms and fire – but not rising water.' So it's been a learning experience. You can have all the insurance in the world, but rising water is its own little deal. And also, it only covers the first floor of your building, not the second floor. "There are a lot of issues there that a normal business guy doesn't know anything about. You can't get a rider to cover that – it's just a loss." Besides the process of settling insurance claims, another challenge has been finding contractors to do the actual work of rebuilding. As of mid-April, one building was completely repaired and two others are in the contract stage. Those will likely require several more months to complete. Still, "we're not griping," Bobby Sherrod says, knowing it could have been much worse. "Fortunately for us, we have a decent-size dealership in Silsbee and were able to accommodate the extra employees," Deanna Sherrod says. "Also, because there were a lot of homeless people in our area that lost their homes to the flood, business was sufficient enough for both dealerships to keep up with the demand of the sales." Eventually the water receded, and by mid-December 2017, the I-10 lot was restocked with new inventory. To nobody's surprise, "the insur- ance process is challenging, not complete yet," Deanna Sherrod adds. So, until that building is refurbished, for the immediate future, parts, accessories, maintenance and other services will continue to be done at the Silsbee location. The delays, however, opened another door of opportunity for the dealership to grow – namely, the building in the adjacent lot became available and was recently acquired by Sherrod I-10 RV Sales. Plans are for that building to become a fully functional service department. The Sherrod's son-in-law, Hayden Narramore, oversees sales and service at the dealership's location in Rose City. Lead technician Rusty Doiron works on a customer's Puma trailer. Doirion has been with the dealership for more than 12 years.

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