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Samlex is an expert at helping dealers and consumers understand their power needs. WWW.SAMLEXSOLAR.COM S amlex America has always been about providing the right power to the right application. And, now, says President Michael Hamanishi, the RV market is wanting to understand more of its importance. "Many people don't even think about power until they need it," he says. "They go out and pick the right televi- sion and the right sound system, and only then might they realize they need to power all these things to achieve a particular lifestyle." It's not just TVs and sound systems that demand more capabilities, but electric appliances and a host of per- sonal electronics and hand tools that need regular recharging. At the same time, the basic RV de- mographic is changing. As Hamanishi observes, there are more younger families RVing, and they have different needs and expectations. And, more people in all age groups are going off- grid for at least some of their RV travels. In all those cases the availability of the right power is going to help shape their experiences. "Whether consumers are thinking in terms of lifestyle choice or areas they want to travel to, they have to start considering options in terms of power," Hamanishi says. "If I have extra power, that's great. What else can I plug in? But, what will I do if I have less power than I need?" Helping provide them with answers is Samlex America. Not only does the company offer a host of invert- ers, converters, battery chargers, power supplies and solar panels, but its well-known Dealer Success Program provides a simple visual tool that aids dealers in helping RV owners under- stand their power needs. Sharl Cline, Samlex's national sales manager, says the materials included in the Dealer Success binder are de- signed to simplify the process of selling power products. "That, and our training, helps the dealers recommend systems to their customers," she says. "It allows the deal- ers to be the experts and gives con- sumers confidence in their purchases. For both the dealer and the consumer, confidence in the number one indicator of success." Confidence in a company isn't some- thing that just happens overnight. Samlex has more than 27 years in the power conversion market, and Hamani- shi says over that time the company's commitment to customer service through education has only increased. "We're doing more to assist our dealers on what's best for them to stock, but we're also focusing more into training PAID ADVERTORIAL How An RV Solar System Works

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