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The Power You Need. WWW.SAMLEXAMERICA.COM them and getting them to become more of the experts in the power conver- sion field," he says. "This way, they can help inform their customers, and an informed customer makes better deci- sions that produce better experiences, whether they end up using Samlex products or not." Samlex also recognizes that a one-size- fits-all approach isn't going to make consumers happy. The Samlex team is ready to help at any stage from sizing an application to installation advice and ongoing customer service. "We believe that everybody has some unique needs," Hamanishi observes. "Whether it's the number of people traveling in the RV or the areas they're traveling to, they have a unique perspec- tive and we need to help the dealer develop the expertise to create these unique solutions." That's one of the company's advantages, Hamanishi adds. Because it does offer so many different products, it's possible for a dealer to create a unique solution for an end-user who may need a larger battery charger or a bigger inverter or an all-in-one solution. A new twist to the Samlex story is the recent announcement that national sales and marketing agency Derema Group will be representing the com- pany to the aftermarket. "The Derema Group is a very expe- rienced group, and to give us 20-plus more like-minded people on the street throughout the country is fantastic," Hamanishi says. "It goes right into our customer-service mandate to offer the best possible support right down to the end-user." Sales Manager Cline agrees. "Derema Group is an extension of the Samlex team and will enhance our service, training and expertise out in the field at shows and supporting open houses among other things," she says. "They're going to be an immediate resource for dealers and distributors alike. Their values approach to customer service makes it a natural fit with us." Additionally, by connecting back to the Samlex design teams, Derema Group will help make sure the company is making and doing the right things for its customers, Hamanishi stresses. That customer feedback is critical, he says, since it provides important input on how its products need to evolve. "Are we making revolutionary prod- ucts?" says Hamanishi. "Probably not, but there is evolution. Our products evolve in areas where things do change in the industry. For instance, there are some technological changes that are giving people more power storage op- tions with lithium batteries." However, he says the reality is that RV- ers aren't demanding these batteries so much as it is the industry saying, "Have you considered lithium batteries?" But, how can RVers be expected to answer questions like this if they don't have the correct information. "If you take a customer-centric view, their needs haven't changed a whole lot, although there seems to be more of a need for power," Hamanishi says. "Again, there's that educational component. They need to understand why they need more power, define what they're trying to accomplish and know their circumstances." And, along with ever-increasing qual- ity and reliability, in the end that's what Samlex brings, through its distribution partners, to its dealers and consumer customers. "We're evolving along with the indus- try," Hamanishi concludes. "We're a very diverse group at Samlex, so we have a great perspective on what those different demographics need and how we can communicate solutions to meet those needs." Call 1-800-561-5885 or visit www.samlex- solar.com or www.samlexamerica.com to learn more.

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